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Install Sign In-Out kiosk

Install an iPad or Android device.

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Sign In children

Staff can Bulk Sign In children for After School. Parents can Sign In-Out children using a 4 digit PIN with optional Signature

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View Reports

View Attendance and generate Invoices. Collect Online Payments from Parents

Daily Sheets
Go paperless

Daily communication with parents. Record Nap times, Meals, Diaper Changes and Daily Notes to parents using just one app. Create a Lesson Plan to save time for your Staff.
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Send Photos
Send Photos to Parents

Send photos to parents of their childs day, putting a smile on their faces in the middle of their work day. Make a distraught mom happy when she knows that her child is safe in your care.

Generate Monthly Newsletters

Send Electronic Newsletters to Parents. Never have a parent tell you that they didn't remember. Your newsletters will always be there in their emails.
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Text Blasts
Text to Parents

Inform parents of any emergencies quickly.

Ouch Reports
Record all Incidents

Record incidents electronically. Take a photo and attach it to an incident report quickly and send it to parents.
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Increase Retention
Involve parents

By involving parents through daily sheets and photos, new families are getting instant updates about their children. Kinderlime patent pending technology improves retention in your daycare.

Increase your enrollments

90% new enrollments come by word of mouth. Market your preschool, daycare or childcare center. Get positive reviews. Parent outreach has never been easier.
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