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Kinderlime’s mission is to create a world where schools are empowered to operate at their full potential.

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Kinderlime was founded in Silicon Valley with the ambition to fix a broken early education childcare market. We saw two fundamental problems in the market when we started sending our kids to preschool.

First, parents leave their children in schools, childcare, camps, and afterschool without any insight as to how their children are doing. Second, staff, administrators, and school directors are swamped almost all the time when dealing with licensing paper work, old software, spreadsheets, and the collection of cash/checks. The result? Highly disconnected parents, children, and schools. We spent time learning these problems…and founded Kinderlime! We strongly believe in the need to empower schools to operate at their full potential, thereby maximizing their time with children and parents!

Our Team

We are a team of innovators, engineers and school directors who hate operational inefficiencies and passionate about making education better!

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    CEO & Founder

    Akash is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for EdTech. He was inspired to start Kinderlime when he saw a huge disconnect with his kids going to pre-school. In the past, he built next-gen hardware at Rambus and TeraOptics.

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    CTO & Co-Founder

    Nalin is a technologist with a passion for product and design. He worked in leadership roles at DAQRI, Amazon & Sarnoff. Most recently as CTO @DAQRI, he built Augmented Reality wearables.

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    Sur is code ninja and loves all things engineering. He has over a decade of experience building various ecom applications, most recently @ManageBac building learning platform for schools.

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    Jerod likes to understand the needs of our customers and recommend solutions that are best for them. He has years of experience teaching both at the Preschool and Afterschool programs.

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    Ruslan has been creating Android apps for more than 6 years. Some of these had huge impact and won accolades. He loves great design and enjoys bringing beautiful and sophisticated app designs to life.

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    Anna enjoys spending time with schools and child care centers to get them up and running confidently with Kinderlime system. Prior to Kinderlime she was in leadership at a biotech company.

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    Priya focuses on improving user experience and product design. She has a background in customer support and creative writing.

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    Steve is responsible for Business Development initiatives. He loves meeting passionate educators, administrators, and staff who work to make a child's educational experience better.

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    Emil is Frontend Expert specialized in React.js over last 7 years. Most recently, he worked at @gigwalk, a cool freelancing platform.

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    Andy is backend specialist who enjoys all things "Rails". He has built large scale web platforms over last 4 years and in his spare time loves contributing to open-source.

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    Kate is full stack engineer who loves building large scale enterprise applications.

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    Anda is our sales leader with over a decade of experience in education, activity, student management solutions. She loves hearing the headaches from clients and providing them the best solutions.

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    Emilie is passionate about helping companies establish a strong brand and has experience in events, demand generation, & social media marketing.

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