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Kinderlime’s mission is to create a world where schools are empowered to operate at their full potential.

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    Connecting Schools with Parents
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    Comprehensive Solution
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    Simplifying your daily tasks

We make the most complicated school tasks simple, digital and connected. By reimagining childcare management, learning and family connections, Kinderlime removes every operational burden from your school so you can do what matters - spending more time with children.

Our Team

We have assembled an amazing team that cares about your success as a business owner, because we did it ourselves the hard way as we build Kinderlime. Top it off with the experience we have in building platforms for Sony and Amazon. We have also run daycares and after school programs and lived through your crazy days to earn your trust.

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    Akash leads the Kinderlime team. His favorite pastime is going biking with his kids.

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    Nalin leads the engineering team and is the first one defining the product. He loves reading stories to his daughter.

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    Sur is our code ninja and leads engineering at Kinderlime. He manages the entire technology stack.

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    Jerod likes to understand the needs of our customers and recommend solutions that are best for them. He has years of experience teaching both at the Preschool and Afterschool programs.

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    Anna loves talking about Kinderlime and all the cool things it can do for daycares. She likes to spend time with her family and sew teddy bears.

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    Priya works with Kinderlime customers and is our content manager. She likes to find places to eat and plan fun outings for the team.

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    Steve is responsible for Business Development and our Marketing initiatives. He loves meeting passionate educators, administrators, and the school staff who work to make a child's educational experience better.

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    Ruslan works on Kinderlime mobile apps. He loves to travel and has already planned his next ten trips for the future.

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