Afterschool Management | Kinderlime by Procare
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    Sign In-Out

    Track student attendance and staff timecards with our app pinpad
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    Attendance-Based Billing

    Customize your charges based on drop-off and pick-up times
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    Online Payments

    Secure auto-payments for parents using their bank or credit card

Why Should Your After School Use Kinderlime?

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    Assign Room-Based Charges & Late Pickup Fees

    Flexible online billing system makes it easy for you to track student attendance while charging fees based on their activities and pick-up time.
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    Use Kinderlime Anywhere and Anytime

    All devices are synchronized so you always know where students are when parents come to pick them up.
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    Filter by Rooms & Tags

    Quickly find the group of students you need using highly customizable rooms and tags.
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    Extensive Reporting

    Pull reports for attendance, billing, meal tracking, staff timecards, and family & student data.

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