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11 Childcare Conferences and After School Conferences You Should be Attending

Childcare Conference

Here are the childcare conferences you need to know about. If you are looking for a new conference in hopes of fresh ideas, check out any one of these. The following are not in any particular order, but are broken down into two categories: Daycare / Childcare Conferences and Independent School / After School Conferences.

Daycares / Childcares

McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership

  • Who is it for: Early Childcare Leaders, Providers, Owners, Staff, Daycares.
  • Why you should go: Each year they have a powerful theme. This past year’s theme was “’Building Brighter Futures’ focused on how we as the early childhood community could affect change to make the lives of children and families better.” They bring together inspiring leaders every year to speak around that theme.
  • Cost: $150-575
  • Website: https://mccormickcenter.nl.edu/updates/2018-leadership-connections-building-brighter-futures/

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)

  • Who is it forFamily Daycares and other small programs.
  • Why you should go: This conference is directed towards smaller programs as opposed to most other conferences. As a family daycare owner, you will have more tailored discussions, panelists, and colleagues who are going through exactly what you are or will be going through.
  • Cost: $225-415
  • Website: www.nafcc.org/conference

Childcare Success Summit

  • Who is it forChildcare owners, owners of private preschools and child care centers. Many of the programs in attendance have multiple locations.
  • Why you should go: Kris Murray is well known in the industry as one of the go-to childcare marketing experts. She puts together this amazing conference every year to help programs learn how to market their program to increase enrollment.
  • Cost: $700-1300
  • Website: Childcaresuccesssummit.com

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

  • Who is it for: Early Childhood Educators – teachers, program admins, researchers and parents.
  • Why you should go: This is one of the largest early childhood education conferences. Thousands of people attend to learn and share ideas. You will walk away from this conference with a notebook filled with ideas to bring back to your program and hopefully a few great connections.
  • Cost: $295-540
  • Website: www.naeyc.org/events/annual

After School Programs / Independent Schools

National After School Association (NAA)

  • Who is it for: Everyone in After School as well as Childcare Programs.
  • Why you should go: This is one of the largest conventions out there. No matter what type of program you run, you will find some great and relevant workshops and speakers.
  • Cost: $380-600
  • Website: naaweb.org/convention

Summer Programs and Auxiliary Revenue Conference (SPARC)

  • Who is it for: Auxiliary Directors, After School Directors, Summer Programs Directors, etc. for Independent School Programs.
  • Why you should go: This is smaller, fairly new, yet highly focused conference for independent schools. They have had incredible speakers the past 2 years speaking on subjects such as child development, marketing & growing your enrollment, effective uses of technology and more.
  • Cost: $595-695
  • Website: sparcnational.com

National Business Officers Association (NBOA)

  • Who is it for: Independent Schools, K-12 programs, and third party programs. Business officers, CFOs, heads of school and other business and operational leaders.
  • Why you should go: They have a theme every year and build the conference around that theme. It is a well thought out conference and focuses on the business and operational side of your education program.
  • Cost: $495-1315
  • Website: www.nboaannualmeeting.org

North American YMCA Development Organization (NAYDO)

  • Who is it for: YMCA programs across all of North America.
  • Why you should go: If you work at a YMCA, particularly in an admin or coordinator role, you will have the chance to collaborate with YMCA programs across the continent and compare what is working vs. what is not.
  • Cost: $550-1000
  • Website: conference.naydo.org

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

  • Who is it for: Independent school leaders at every level and role.
  • Why you should go: NAIS is constantly pushing its audience to think more creatively, strategically, and collaboratively through the lens of a changing world and education landscape. They encourage inter-generational learning to help bridge the gap between millennial learning and the current format of education.
  • Cost: $100-1190
  • Website: annualconference.nais.org

Beyond School Hours

  • Who is it for: Educators and leaders serving K-12 students in school, afterschool, summertime and beyond.
  • Why you should go: There are always great speakers and a focus on youth development. The workshops are powerful and memorable!
  • Cost: $184-594
  • Website: beyondschoolhours.org

Best of Out of School Time (BOOST)

  • Who is it for: After school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time professionals.
  • Why you should go: BOOST provides quality programming and provide tools and resources that will inspire you to create change. This is a very relaxed environment set in Palm Springs. The last day of the conference is typically on a Friday, many people stay the weekend for a mini vacation!
  • Cost: $430-605
  • Website: boostconference.org


Don’t forget to look for Kinderlime at these conferences! Not only do we have a booth present, but we are also speakers and presenters sharing our vast knowledge of the childcare and after school industry with you. We work with thousands of programs across the country which help us to pinpoint exactly what you need to help automate and operationalize your program in the modern era.