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51 Benefits of Arts Education for Students

What does it take for kids to grow into happy, well-rounded, and confident people?

Well, according to 93% of American parents, one important factor to happiness and success is a rich and diverse education that combines both academic subjects, like maths and literacy, with creative and expressive ones, such as music, visual arts, and drama.

One of the most underrated extra curricular activities is arts. Half of our brain relies and thrives on creativity. Arts education is one of the best ways to encourage creative thinkers, calm stress, and spur passion in young students. Our fantastic guest blogger, Neve Spicer of We The Parents, created this infographic sharing over 50 benefits of arts education. It is fair to say, without art, Neve would not have been able to share with us this beautiful, insightful infographic!

Here’s a breakdown of how arts education benefits your child & students:

As you can see, getting your children involved in the arts can help them to get ahead and flourish in life. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to enroll your kiddo in 20 different classes! Just be mindful and have fun. As long as your little ones are getting the chance to express artistically whether at home, daycare, or school, then they should be good. After all, a little creativity goes a long way.


Kinderlime encourages parents and teachers to support arts education. Upload photos and videos showcasing the beautiful creations of your students labor. Capture their passion and share directly with parents via our app. Share in the excitement of your child’s day and learn what gets them excited!

This post was thanks to our guest blogger Neve Spicer of We The Parents. Neve and her husband, Keane, write well researched, in-depth parenting guides to help parents navigate the choppy waters of child-rearing and give you more time to spend with your kids.

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