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A CRM for Childcare is Here

CRM for Childcare Centers is here

A few years ago, I was looking for childcare for my daughter who was a year and a half at the time. She had been with a Nanny, but it was time for her to join a preschool. After a quick search, I found a few centers in the neighborhood, visited their website and saw their reviews. As I went through this process of finding a center and touring them a few things became apparent to me as a parent:

  • Childcare administrators didn’t have a good way to track interested families
  • There was no way to go on the preschool website to schedule a tour
  • There were absolutely no follow-ups from the centers after they scheduled a tour. If you didn’t visit them, that was it. No followup calls, emails, or any updates about the application
  • All registration packets were still paper-based

It is now 7 years later and I still see daycare owners STILL managing their waitlists on paper. This is about to change with Kinderlime releasing it’s newest Enrollment, Registration, and Lead Management features exclusively for childcare centers and Preschools. Yes, this is for you, the busy admin in you who loves to solve problems, but has little time to market your center or track your waitlists and tours. If you were to ask any business person, your inbound pipeline of interested families and their conversion is the most important thing you should be tracking as a preschool owner. 

What do you call something that enables simplified Enrollment, Registration AND Waitlist Management? It was doing a lot more than just tracking enrollments and helping families register. It was allowing you to track your entire pipeline of leads and reach them through email and SMS and build a healthy waiting list. It was empowering for you to increase the topline revenues. Imagine that you were able to enroll 5 more families because you followed up and tracked your waitlist better. That would be typically $150,000 in additional revenues over the course of the 3 years that these families stay in your daycare.

In the spirit of truly representing the power of the platform, we decided to call it the Lead CRM feature. Feel free to compare it to Childcare CRM, which is a CRM offering for childcare centers and preschools.



Now about the features that set Kinderlime apart and make it the only player in this market to have an integrated system that helps you manage your operations end to end. The Lead CRM doesn’t do just one thing – it is a well-rounded system to finish off everything that you need:

  1. Registrations: Flexible Registration forms with or without registration fee. You can have authorized pickups and have parents agree to your terms and conditions and policies 
  2. Website Integration: Embed registration forms on your website and make it modern for millennial families 
  3. Adding Interested Families: Add an interested family directly into the Kinderlime Lead CRM system if they call into the center or request a Tour
  4. Track Leads: Tracking of these families or Leads from New families to Toured to Waitlisted → Registered and finally Enrolled
  5. Reminders: Send reminders to families a day before their tour
  6. Automation: Set up automatic messages based on which stage the family is
  7. Tasks: Let your office staff take responsibility. The system can assign tasks so that these families are followed through 

Now let’s save you some time and help increase your revenues. Hop on to the Kinderlime website and check out the Lead CRM feature along with all the Billing, Sign In-Out and Parent engagement features we have. You’ll love how simple Kinderlime is, it’s the next best thing to sliced bread 😉

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