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After School and Daycare Sign In and Out Sheets

After School

Daycare sign in and out sheets for attendance is one of the most used documents that communicates vital information between yourself, the parents of the children, and your governing childcare licensing agency. It is important to make sure that the format of your daycare Sign In and Out form is a balance between “simple for you to maintain” versus, “easy and quick for the parents to interact with”. Keep in mind of course, that any paper form should have the correct information for licensing. This can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at a few ideas and the forms that can be created to address the above issues. Click on the sample pictures to download the desired Sign-In Sheet in Word Document format.

Sign in Sheets: by Day – This is a roster format and can be quite useful in saving space. The entire class can be on the same page and you can print out and insert several sheets (or a whole week’s worth) at a time. The first one is a simple Sign In – Out Page. All it has is the name of the child, the drop In time and the pickup time along with a space for parent signatures. Daily Sign In Single Sheet

Daily Sign In sheet

This landscape sheet 2 Sign In/Out columns (especially good for programs that have before AND after school attendance). The top is adjusted down so that it will fit in a binder without making it difficult to write on. The easiest way to use this sheet is to cut and paste student names into the first column, print out the roster and then handwrite the grade/group and date at the top. If you don’t have a lot of turnover, you can print several days at a time!

  • Landscape
  • Before and After School (two columns for sign in/out)
  • Full Signature
  • Binder Friendly

Daycare Sign In sheet Landscape

Sign in Sheets: Weekly – Don’t need signatures? Here’s a great way to save space and time by using just the parent’s initials. This Sign In sheet is very optimal for afterschool programs when the quickly want to record the aftercare start time and the pickup time. This will then be used to find out the number of hours the student attended the afterschool program.

  • Landscape
  • 5 Weekdays
  • Time + Initials
  • Binder Friendly

Weekly Sign In sheet

Sign in Sheets: by Student (or “Monthly”) – This format makes for a larger set of binders as each child gets their own page, but has the advantage of needing only periodical maintenance as you can put an entire month on one page. The downside is that if you have more than 30 students in one binder, the pages are prone to getting ripped and torn as the parents flip around looking for their child’s name.

Monthly Sign In sheet

Initial versus Signature

Some licensing agencies require that the signature is stored for each Sign In or Sign Out. Make sure you know what the childcare licensing expectations are so that you can insure that you are retaining the correct information. Initials are a great way to save space versus signatures. If you want to try a hybrid approach (once again, check with licensing first) you can print your roll sheets double sided and put this form on the back:

Signature based Sign In sheet

How to use the Signature Sheet:

The parents can sign the back once with their initials next to it. This acts as a key for the front. Then the parents can initial for the rest of the week/or month (see “Sign in Sheet: Weekly” above) and only have to do a full signature when there is a new Sign In/Out page. This is common practice in some schools and even in the medical field!

All of these sheets are able to be formatted and are provided as a starting template free of charge by Kinderlime, the industry leading paperless sign in/out system. Ready to get rid of the paper and go digital? Check out and stop using paper sign in/out sheets forever!

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