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After School Education & Safety – How ASES Programs Stay Compliant

Running an ASES program is difficult, to say the least. Not only are you running an after school program, you are doing it while abiding by the strict regulatory guidelines passed down from the state to ensure minimum standards are met. This means sites can be shut down for not meeting attendance goals each month. You also get dinged for issues such as inadequate staff-student ratios. All of this, and you need to ensure the safety of the students.

We work with many ASES programs throughout the state to help manage these regulations, across all their sites, in one dashboard. Paper has caused many issues, including inaccurate sign in-out times and issues with staff-student ratios. Kinderlime eliminates paper and the subsequent issues to ensure you have maximum visibility into your sites.

Here is a short overview of how Kinderlime works for ASES programs.


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Student Safety

The purpose of signing students in and out is centered around both security and viability of the program. The CDE needs to know the grant money is being spent to provide a safe and productive environment for student. With all the unpredictable and horrible events occurring at schools across the United States, this has been more important than ever. So attendance tracking and reporting has become essential.

Refer to the CDE ASES site or their ASES FAQ sheet for more details.

Going Mobile

Mobile Sign In

No more paper sign in sheets. Your site coordinator or staff can now have the entire roster or just their classroom roster (respectively) available on a tablet or smartphone. With that, they are able to sign student in all at once. This automatically logs the time they are signed in, which room, and who signed them in.

As a site coordinator or an admin from the central office, you are able to view live room status to check how many students are in each classroom as well as how many staff are in each classroom. This will help ensure you maintain staff – student ratio.

Secure Sign Out

The dreaded sign-out lines can now be cut down tremendously. Not only that, but no more scrambling to find which room a child is in. Caretakers are given a unique 4-digit pin code to sign their student out. As with the sign-in process, 

Early Release

If a student is taken out early, an early dismissal form will be prompted on the screen.


They will then be prompted to sign on the pinpad device. All signatures are available through our daily attendance reports.

Meal Tracking

Student/Caretaker Information

Your site coordinators will have access to all pertinent student and caretaker information, including phone numbers, email addresses, the child’s pickup list, any allergies, and immunization records. All parents can be prompted to add a recent image of themselves and other caretakers to ensure easier identification during pickup.

Parent Messaging

One of our more highly praised features is our parent messaging feature.

In the event of an emergency or lockdown drill, you want to be able to send out an alert via text and push notification to every parent of every student at any one or all of your sites. In times of crisis, parents want to know what is happening. This will save you, your staff, and the parents many headaches and worries.


Attendance Reporting

  • Half yearly reports for attendance that you have to submit to CDE ASES website
  • Summary report of which site is missing parent signatures, and how many early release sign-outs are happening. Keeps you proactive with the sign in-out procedures.
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Custom date reports to fill 6 and 12 month reporting requirements
  • Absences
  • Caretaker and family data

CACFP Meal Tracking

For information on how to get started with a pilot, please contact Steve Biondi at (408) 475-5179 or


Are digital signatures allowed?

Yes. The CDE and auditors are now accepting digital signatures. You no longer need to worry about double processing or fumbling through paper.


Student Information System

We integrate with your SIS. In most cases, we can download or upload student information directly to our platform in seconds. Give us a chance to talk to your IT staff and we’ll enable auto import of your student rosters from your district database.


“But I have CitySpan – they do that”

Yes, but no. We work with CitySpan in several accounts, including Beyond the Bell at LAUSD. What we offer is a mobile way to track students, with more functionality rolled into one easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app, and we provide the necessary reporting for your program.

Get started with a free pilot! Contact Steve Biondi at (408) 475-5179 or