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Back to School for Childcare Admins

Summer is flying by fast ? The school year starts in less than a month. You do keep thinking about the processes during this downtime that’ll improve your childcare operations. On everybody’s mind is the humungous amount of paperwork that you have to deal with each day. There is student roster, meal counts, attendance data and the list goes on. Then there is staff records. And most important of all is licencing.

Take a moment to think. Isn’t your sign in-out data and teacher timesheet a big hassle? What if there was an app for it? Yes, there is one – it’s the Kinderlime Sign In-out app. No more paper – just shear fun for everybody. Parents love to sign in on your school iPad. Staff can check in kids. Business office can get an attendance report at the end of the month.

So, take this time to try out Kinderlime. We are confident you’ll never go back to paper.

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