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Billing on Mobile for Daycares is here

Ever wished that you had an all-in-one childcare platform that would do billing like Venmo or PayPal. At Kinderlime we talked to many of you and realized that home daycares don’t have the time to even login into the computer. You want to easily send invoices and collect payments from parents on the GO. Our team thought hard about how this could be accomplished, and the answer was apparent. This could all be done through our existing Childcare App. So many of you love the ease of use of Kinderlime and it’s only natural that you would want to use it for collecting tuition payments. Here is how our mobile online billing helps you as a business owner

  • Setup a Billing plan: You can setup a weekly, monthly or even bi-weekly on Kinderlime. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Connect you Bank: You can connect your bank so that you can receive all payments in your bank with a 2-day timeline. We use Stripe, the best payment processing platform which is PCI compliant
  • Recurring invoices: Once setup, the system will automatically (1) Generate invoices and send them to parents (2) Pull money from their bank or credit cards (3) Auto reconcile bank accounts
  • Your one stop ledger for account receivables. Kinderlime holds all your transactions in one place
  • Quickbooks integration: Yes, it’s super sweet. Now the native integration auto exports all these transactions to quickbooks

With all this power to run your entire billing processes, what are you waiting for. Join the Kinderlime community now and be part of the revolution that is taking over the child centers.