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CACFP Meal Tracking

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) funded by the USDA supports many child care providers and provides nutrition meals to millions of children across the country. Now, Kinderlime helps you reduce that CACFP paperwork by recording meals, providing meal counts and reporting it to your sponsors.

When meal tracking is done in conjunction with the Kinderlime Sign In-Out app, the process for recording meals is error free. Our software will look at who is present during meal times and automatically record the proper meal counts, helping you avoid inaccurate reporting.


  • Record meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Snack served in each location / room
  • Record the start and end time during which the meals were served. Kinderlime eliminates wrong claims by validating if child was present during the time that the meals were served
  • Keeps an accurate count for each meal – for each child and also for the entire room
  • Download an excel spreadsheet report which lists the meal counts and the child the meals were served to

Remain CACFP Compliant

Keeping up with the CACFP guidelines and paperwork is an important part of being in compliance and maintaining your program’s grant. Oftentimes sponsors are out of compliance because of the following

  • Inadequate paperwork to establish that the providers had recorded meals accurately
  • Meals are approved without validating them against meal pattern guidelines from USDA. Meal patterns should be validated based on age and meal type. These guidelines help providers and sponsors serve healthy and balanced meals to the children they serve
  • Inaccurate meal counts and sometimes counting meals that were never served
  • Inadequate onsite monitoring of providers

Kinderlime software which is web and app based, removes all these challenges for sponsors and providers. A daycare provider is able to easily record all the meals they serve each day. They can record what is served during Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack and which child has been served each of those meals. Each month the providers can then download a spreadsheet report which shows the attendance together with the meals that were served to the children on each day. A total count for each day for each meal is available. This can also be separated by age group.

Kinderlime CACFP Monthly Meal report

Here is a 2 min video of how Meal tracking works.

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