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Child Care Daily Sheets: How to Stand Out

Child care daily sheets were created to keep parents informed of their child’s development and growth. They are a tool used to keep parents connected to their child, even when they are not there. However, too many child care centers have turned daily sheets into a mundane report, and overlook the opportunity given to them.

Child care daily sheets have the potential to make parents feel connected to their child at the end of the day and helps you make positive and meaningful connections with parents. Instead of viewing the child care daily sheet as a report, see it as a way to show off how amazing your child care center and staff truly are. Here are a few tips on how you can use daily sheets to stand out from the crowd.

How to Make your Child Care Daily Sheets Stand Out


Be Prepared

The extra effort put into daily sheets can be potentially time consuming (and child care directors need every minute they can get). Thankfully, a little pre-emptive thought into your daily sheets can save a great amount of time, as well as keep down your stress level.

Use Kinderlime’s daily sheet template to create a report that can be used for all children in your program. You may not know if Susie will like tomorrow’s lunch or activities, but you do know what you will be serving and what activities you will be doing. This allows your staff and teachers to only worry about inputting the unique and detailed information into each child’s daily sheet report.

Go Electronic

Many parents may appreciate the time and effort you put into your paper daily sheets, but paper has a way of getting lost. With e-mail you are providing a way for parents to easily locate their daily sheets. Aside from being convenient, your electronic daily sheets are environmentally friendly (a sheet for every child each day can add up). Sending an electronic child care daily sheet also gives you the opportunity to attach photos of your child’s day.

Still unsure about the perks of going electronic? Which daily sheet would you prefer?

Electronic Paper


Share Photos

There is practically no parent on the planet that doesn’t love seeing photos of their child having a great day. Sending a young child to a daycare or preschool can be a huge challenge for many parents. They leave staff with a crying child, and worry all day about whether they are making friends or having a fun time.

Child care staff and teachers do their best to tell parents about the fun day their child had, and the new friends he or she made, but a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Sending photo of a child will put parents at ease, and show how much your child care center cares. Use the Kinderlime Daily Sheets app to easily take, edit, manage and share photos with your parents.


We do our best to say hello and have conversations with our parents during pickup and drop-off, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. Daily sheets are an additional opportunity to communicate with parents.

Leave a blank section on your child care daily sheets to say whatever is needed. This blank section can be used for reminders, thank yous, praises, inspirational quotes and more. This is the space to tell parents the things you don’t’ always have time to tell in person, as well as a space to be creative.

Be thoughtful

Simply putting a little extra thought and care into what you write to parents in a daily sheet can make all the difference. Instead of telling parents what activities their child did that day, describe how they did and what they enjoyed. By making a daily sheet personal, you are standing out and showing you care.

Creating personalized daily reports doesn’t only make parents happy, but creates trusting and meaningful connections with parents. Parents will know you truly care about their child, and feel comfortable coming to you with any problems they may have.

In child care, word of mouth remains to be the best marketing tool for increasing enrollment. When the time comes for a parent to choose a child care program, they will choose the program with staff and teachers that are thoughtful, and have proven they are willing to go above and beyond.


To learn more about how you can stand out with innovative and thoughtful child care daily sheets, check out Kinderlime’s Daily Sheet App.