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Child Care Software Helps FairStage Academy Dream Big

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Child Care Software Helps FairStage Academy Dream Big


Ryan Lea and Evan Summers were riding home on a bus in Manchester after work one day. During the journey home, a group of bored children started to throw rocks at the bus. Instead of becoming annoyed with the disturbance of the young rock throwers, Ryan and Evan saw something missing in the Manchester community, and wanted to make a change. They wanted to provide a space where children could thrive and learn outside of school hours.

Ryan and Evan’s lives have been greatly impacted by performing arts, theater and dance, and they hoped to share these passions with children from all aspects of life. They firmly believed that all children should have the opportunity to experience the performing arts, so in 2012 the FairStage Academy was established.

The FairStage Academy started to offer classes and workshops at a very affordable price, making the program accessible for families of all incomes. Children from the ages of 3-17 had the opportunity to learn ballet, tap, jazz, disco, drama, singing and more!


Child Care Software

FairStage Academy’s ballerina performance


The FairStage Academy quickly exceeded Ryan and Evan’s expectations. It grew from an idea between two people, to a team of inspirational drama, dance, and singing teachers. The children and the Manchester community fell in love with the FairStage Academy.

The amount of children signing up for their program continued to grow and grow. But, as the FairStage Academy grew, it became apparent that the sign in-out and drop off process was getting out of hand. When the FairStage Academy first started, it was easy to keep track on a simple paper sign in and out sheet the children that were coming and leaving the academy. After more and more children started to attend, Ryan and Evan needed a way to ensure all children and their parents were being safely and securely signed in and out of the academy.

Ryan and Evan began to do some research in hopes of finding an answer to the rapid growth of their program. They came across Kinderlime’s child care software on the iTunes store, and, in Ryan’s words, “immediately fell in love.” It was clear right away that Kinderlime was the missing piece to their fast growing academy.


Child Care Software

2014 Summer Production


Kinderlime’s child care software made it quick and easy for parents to sign in and out their children, and did all of the attendance tracking and child care billing for Evan and Ryan. They no longer needed to store and calculate paper attendance reports and do paper invoices. Instead they had access to all of the attendance reports and invoices with the simple click of a button. While attendance tracking and a simplified sign in and out process was what drew Ryan and Evan to Kinderlime, it was only a small portion of the help Kinderlime provided.

Ryan, Evan and their staff were able to use the Kinderlime app as an incredible safety tool. They now could easily access which group each child was in, which staff they are with, as well as have access to all emergency contact information in case of a fire drill or emergency. The best part, the FairStage Academy no longer had a need to carry around clip boards or binders. They could quickly access student and roster information from the app on the FairStage Academy phones and tablets.


FairStage Academy Child Care Software

Star dancers at FairStage Academy


With the additional time Kinderlime’s child care software had given the FairStage Academy, they were able to focus on their passion of teaching performing arts to all children. They expanded the FairStage Academy team, and gave each child the opportunity to perform in a high quality production. Ryan, Evan and their team continue to teach more students daily how to only be amazing performers, but how to dream, work hard, and JUST GO FOR IT!

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