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Daycare Software Marketing Tips and Tricks

When you decided to invest in daycare software you most likely wanted to save time on attendance and billing, or maybe you wanted to go paperless. There are many reasons you may have chosen to use a daycare software, but marketing was most likely not one of them.

Your daycare software is likely full of hidden tools to not only help with daycare management, but market your center. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can try marketing with your daycare software.

tips on marketing with daycare software

Collect Testimonials

You may not be able to control 100% of what people say about your daycare, but you can help ensure that when a parent has something good to say, others will hear about it.

Collecting testimonials is a powerful way to express to others how wonderful your daycare truly is. However, getting parents to write testimonials can be a challenge. Parents often have the best intentions, and would love to write a testimonial, but they want to do it on their own time, not during the busy rush of dropping off and picking up their child.

Thankfully, daycare software programs provide an easy avenue for parents to leave a testimonial. At Kinderlime, when parents sign onto their Kinderlime account to pay their daycare invoice or download pictures, they also have the option of writing a review. If you are still having a difficult time collecting reviews from parents, Kinderlime’s daycare software allows you to even set up reminders for parents to leave a testimonial. This gives parents the option to write a testimonial when it’s convenient for them.

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

Would you ever buy a t-shirt online without seeing a photo of the product? Chances are you would not. Typically we want to see exactly what we are buying before making a purchase. Descriptions of a product are helpful, but the first thing we look for is an image.

Daycare centers are no different. Reviews of a daycare center are an important factor, but nothing says quite as much as a photo! Daycare software makes it easy for centers to capture photos. With the Kinderlime Daily Sheets app, daycare staff can quickly snap photos of a child’s day in daycare, and share these photos with parents.

Want to take your daycare photo sharing to the next level? Post the photos you have on your daycare’s Facebook account or daycare review sites. Current and potential parents will love to see the fun activities going on at your daycare, and potential customers will love seeing what your daycare center is all about.

The Power of Social Media

We have now collected our testimonials and have fun photos from our daycare, but how do we use these tools to quickly market our daycare to mass amounts of potential customers…for free?

Thankfully, we live during the social media age, where we can share practically anything with the world with the click of a button, at no cost. Regardless of how much easier social sharing has made marketing, it is still an incredibly time consuming task. Here are a few tips on how you can use your daycare software to take the time and pain out of social media daycare marketing:

Encourage parents to use the social share button

Kinderlime’s daycare software knows how adding a simple Facebook share button can make all the difference. When parents log onto their Kinderlime account, they can share any photo sent to them on Facebook with a simple click of a button.

Your parent’s friends will love showing off pictures of their child, and your parent’s friends will see how much your parents love your daycare.

Share testimonials collected from your daycare software

Collected testimonials are not just for review sites or websites. Share them on your favorite social media channels. Try making a testimonial Pinterest board, or tweet your favorites. Whatever social channel you use, you will be sure to attract plenty of new potential parents.

Don’t stop at photos

Create promotional or fun daycare videos on Kinderlime’s Daily Sheet app, to share with your parents and on social media sites like Facebook. Videos will without a doubt catch the eye of potential customers and make your daycare center look innovative and creative.

Stand Out

Parents have many choices when it comes to choosing a daycare, and this is not a decision they will take lightly. For many parents, this is the first time they are leaving their child in someone else’s hands. They want to choose a daycare where they know their child will be safe, happy and succeed.

With so many options available to parents, it is important to stand out. What better way than with an innovative daycare software. You may have originally invested in a daycare software to make your life as a daycare manager easier, but in some ways, you were making a statement! With daycare software you are not just the owner of a safe and fun daycare, but are innovative, creative, appreciate quality, and desire to keep parents involved.You are a daycare center that stands out!

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