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Dueling Roles: Daycare Office Registrar vs. Parent

I am the Registrar and Childcare Office Administrator for a larger preschool where my daughter also attends. I manage parent relationships, staff communication, daycare tuition collection and the goto person for accounting in our childcare software. We have several staff who also have children attending the preschool. Our paths cross in the classroom, out on the playground, and on occasion, in the office. Yes, my daughter gets sent to the preschool office once in a while too! This can quickly become a sticky situation. Think about it, how often have you seen a staff members child (or your own) in your office because they’ve done something to merit a trip to speak with the Director? How many of those times were they allowed to get away with breaking the rules because they are children of staff? How do you handle such situations in your preschool? Solutions are not easy.

I remember her first trip to the office very well. I had no warning that she was coming! She was brought in and told to sit “criss-cross applesauce” quietly until our childcare Director was convinced she was ready to talk about her offense. She saw me and was all smiles, excited to see daddy! How sad it made me feel when I had to tell her that I was “not daddy” during work. I needed to “let the system work” so that she could learn the appropriate lesson. It is so very important that she learns to follow and obey the rules just like all of our other students, otherwise she will become one of “those children” who believe that the rules do not apply to them. I had to tell her to listen and obey and let her “suffer the consequences” of her own actions. In some ways that was difficult but as I listened to the conversation between her and our Director, I knew that my daughter was going to learn a great lesson on following rules. It is extremely important to be sure that staff children don’t play by a different set of rules or they will grow up with a distinct disadvantage in life.

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