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Family Daycare: Strengthening Family Relationships with Kinderlime

Bridget being presented her 4th star by the Lieutenant Governor Matthew Denn. She recently received her 5th star from the Delaware Board of Education.

Bridget teaching children about the U.S. Presidents

After working in technology for 25 years, Bridget Williams decided to make a change in her career path. She always had a passion for children and helping her community, and decided to open her very own family daycare.

Bridget’s technology background gave her an innovative and creative approach to running Helping Hands Family Daycare. When parents came to her with problems, she did not only give advice, but started offering workshops to educate and encourage families. She found that if one family was struggling to get their child to sleep or needed help teaching their children about hygiene, there was most likely other parents facing the same challenges.


Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth

As Bridget continued in her new career path, she also began to look for ways technology could make her life easier as a daycare director. However, she was immediately baffled by the lack of technology in the childcare industry. She went from being surrounded by the tech world, to doing everything on pen and paper. She knew there must be a better way, and continued to search for something that could help create a more efficient family daycare.

She found various tools and methods to make attendance tracking and billing easier, but few seemed to truly fit her needs. Nothing seemed to be created with daycares and childcare centers in mind.

The Helping Hands team brings creativity into everything they do and teach

She then came across Kinderlime, and immediately fell in love. One of Bridget’s toughest challenges was maintaining her sign in-out sheets. She not only needed a system that could count the hours a family attended her daycare, but something that was licensing approved, and could record signatures. Kinderlime was the only tool she found that fit her needs. As she continued to explore Kinderlime she found that they did not just provide a solution to her problem, but helping childcare centers was what they did! Kinderlime was “The Childcare App!”

Today, Kinderlime has helped the Helping Hands Family Childcare to eliminate paperwork, and go completely electronic. Bridget’s team uses Kinderlime to create and send daily sheets, communicate with families, record staff hours, and manage billing.

Parents love hearing how their baby is doing throughout the day

Bridget loves Kinderlime for making her life easier and saving her time, but she found that Kinderlime was also an amazing tool for building strong family relationships. Her parents love Kinderlime just as much as Bridget does.

Kinderlime helps remind parents about upcoming workshops, and sends newsletters with parenting tips and tricks. The parent app allows families to quickly view and pay their bill, and see in real time what activities their child is doing throughout the day. For busy parents with young children, this tool is priceless.

Learning to read at Helping Hands Family Daycare

Bridget and her team at Helping Hands Family Daycare can’t imagine how they ever ran without Kinderlime. It’s been an incredible tool that has helped in not only managing the business side of her daycare, but provides effective parent communication. Instead of keeping Kinderlime to herself, Bridget has helped and encouraged other childcare providers to start implementing tools like Kinderlime to help in creating more efficient and successful programs like hers.

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