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Fun Summer Activities and Better Parent Communication

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Summer Fun for Kids

Summer is in full swing. Are you running out of creative activities yet? Hopefully not. But here are a few ideas to keep you going through the summer and to help you capture these special moments to increase parent communication.

It’s Slime Time

What child doesn’t like slime? And how do you give them what they want, but without all the mess? Well, it seems slime has evolved quite a bit since my childhood. They now have mess free slime, which is perfect for any child no matter how messy they are.

Here is a video to create quick, easy, and safe slime for your kids to play with: Mess-free slime

Plant a Seed (literally)

Fun Gardening Activity

**Before you begin, make sure to check your student’s’ records for allergies.**

This is a great outdoor activity (as it could be VERY messy).

You are teaching not only a fun useful skill, you also have the ability to teach them about growing their own food to give them a sense of appreciation for where their food comes from. They also make great gifts for parents.

Science Day

No matter how old you get, it’s always fun learning about science and building something with your hands. Here are a few ideas to pique their scientific curiosity.

Homemade Playdough

You can make this at home and bring it in. Make plain colored playdough and bring it in with different food coloring and plastic gloves for the kids. The kids will be able to make the playdough any color they want and have something fun they can take home and continue to play with.

Healthy Ice Pops

Who doesn’t like an ice pop in 90 degree weather? Here are some creative, and healthy, a href=””>ice pop creations you can make with your students this summer. Or you can freestyle. Simply put out the ingredients, show them how to fill the mold, and let them be as creative as possible mixing any ingredients they want. What better way to get a student to eat well!

Puppet Shows

Have the children make one or two puppets using some items around the house. Have them create a story around their puppet(s) or have their puppets sing their favorite song. You can have endless hours of entertainment using puppets.

Water Day Activities

As a kid in a camp or childcare program, you live for water day. Nothing is better than running through a sprinkler, sliding down a slip-n-slide, having a water balloon fight or water balloon paintingon a hot day. As for you, your students will be tired out at the end of the day, meaning you have a nice calm end to the day.

Photo Sharing & Parent Communication

Don’t forget to capture all your fun moments with Kinderlime’s Photo Sharing and Parent Communication App and share them directly with parents. Or put them directly on social media and attract new families to your program! Show them how much fun the students in your program are having and show them what makes your program unique.

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