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How to Engage and Educate Children When the Weather Keeps them Inside

by Steve Biondi


Children Rainy Day

Being cooped up during bad weather can be hard for children.  They may complain about being bored or they may need opportunities to burn excess energy.  When your little ones are going stir crazy, utilize the internet to engage them with fun and educational activities. 


When your children are being a little too lively, channeling that energy in a positive manner can not only improve their focus and help them stay on their good behavior, it helps them establish a healthy lifestyle for their adult lives.  

Some research reflects that only one-third of American children engage in physical activity on a daily basis.  On top of that, one-third of American children are obese. Kids and teens average around seven hours per day being sedentary while engaging in electronic entertainment such as television, video games, and internet surfing.  

Thankfully, internet surfing can also provide the means to get your kids active and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  Songs for Teaching suggests a nice variety of exercise and dance videos for children.  Clear a space on the floor and stream some tango steps, learn to dance like a butterfly, or do basic stretching and calisthenics.  The website links to embedded videos, and even offers the coordinating song’s lyrics so children can learn to sing along. Videos are pulled from popular child-oriented YouTube channels, such as Patty Shukla Kids TV and music therapist Rachel Rambach.

The Arts

Kids love to do creative things, and according to some experts it’s an important part of their development.  They improve motor skills and decision-making, develop language abilities, are more culturally aware, and enhance their ability to be imaginative and engage in creative problem solving.  

For children who are musically inclined, the internet offers many wonderful opportunities to learn a wide variety of instruments.  Some YouTube channels cover numerous musical instruments, such as LearnToPlayMusic which teaches lessons on piano, clarinet, trumpet, recorder, guitar, and keyboard.  Some of the videos are especially geared toward children. If you want an option outside of YouTube, another website professionals recommend is, which presents some drums, keyboard and guitar lessons for free.  

Some children prefer a more paper-oriented creative outlet.  Artful Parent suggests for figure drawing classes, noting tutorials are explained well, the materials list is nicely outlined, videography is high quality and the instruction is adept.  


When it comes to educational explorations, scientific experiments can hardly be beat.  Encourage your children to learn how things work through an earth science lesson. With a handful of “ingredients” you probably already have on hand, you can make Rainbow Magic Milk.  

Are your kids hard to engage in science?  Sometimes children benefit from understanding how education could possibly relate to their future.  If your children are having trouble becoming motivated, seek ways to relate what you are teaching with real life.  For instance, pursuing a career in real estate involves many important areas of education, including earth science.  As Redfin explains, “Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies and home economics.  By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation giving, forming a persuasive argument, earth science and so much more.”  

Internet to the rescue!  

When your children are stuck inside due to inclement weather, engage them in internet learning opportunities.  Keep them active with exercise videos, engage them in the arts, and encourage them to perform scientific explorations.  Your kids will learn, grow and have fun!

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