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How to Manage your Student-Teacher Ratio

After School

Most daycares, childcares, and afterschool programs still use paper and pencil to record the total hours worked by their employees. When I worked at a daycare, I recall having to fill out a paper timesheet every day for checking in, checking out and transitions. Often I, along with other staff members, would forget to check in on the timesheet. By Friday, I would be so dazed that I could barely remember what I had for breakfast, let alone the exact time I came in and left throughout the week. So I would fill in estimated times, rounding to the nearest quarter-hour. Now, that didn’t affect me much, but for an owner or director with multiple staff members, this could end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars a month!

If you’re in the same boat, it’s time to make your life easier by incorporating a little technology.

Staff Timeclock

It’s important to know how long your staff works each day and each week. Not only so you can pay them appropriately, but so you can track expenses and accurately plan out your budget for the next year.

Our staff timeclock feature enables staff to punch a unique 4-digit code in order to track their time down to the second. This is done via the same pinpad that parents use to sign their children in and out. Each timestamp is tracked in real time on the administrator’s dashboard for added visibility. Here are a few timeclock and payroll tips for your program.

Staff Timeclock Dashboard

Student-Teacher Ratio

As an owner or director, you may constantly be looking for opportunities to save. With more insight into your classroom ratios, you can cut down on costs every week.

Student-Teacher Ratio Graph

Depending on what type of program you run (daycare, preschool, or after school), the required ratio ranges from 1:5 to 1:20. Our system allows you to track the raw data, as long as the students and teachers/staff are properly signed in and out. You can then use this data to determine how many staff members you need at your childcare at any given time of day.

As children begin to funnel out of their rooms at the day’s end, you can check our Student-Teacher Ratio feature. You have the ability to calculate the ratios across all classrooms and determine which need to be adjusted. If you see a classroom that has dwindled down to four children, yet still has two teachers present, you can send one of the teachers home for the day. Over time, you may see a similar pattern occurring in specific classrooms and can schedule your teachers accordingly.

If you’re interested in tracking student-teacher ratios but don’t know where to start, request a demo with us. Learn how Kinderlime Childcare software can help save you time, cut operational costs, and make running your program much, much easier!

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