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Is your preschool prepared for Emergency

You probably remember the many drills you used to have in your school as a child. Monthly Earthquake and Fire drills would sound loud alarms and find entire schools lined up outside the buildings in rows by classes. Each teacher having a head count, emergency pack and walky talky. Whether you are a Parent or Preschool Director, there is something you can do now to prepare for an Emergency before it happens.

A prepared childcare is one that has already anticipated an emergency will happen and written down an emergency plan. Each staff member is assigned a duty. Some will be assigned to stay with the children to calm them, some will be available to apply first aid to those in need, some are assigned to contact parents, while others will search the buildings for survivors. You name it, the childcare has prepared for it. A good childcare that is.

Parents and Directors, be proactive in your children’s safety. As a parent, ask to see the school Emergency Plan at your child’s school. If they don’t have one they need one. It is also good to regularly provide the school with your updated contact numbers and the names and signatures of those you allow to pick up your child in an emergency. Directors, make the time to review and discuss your Emergency Plan with your staff regularly. Be sure to make the time to answer any questions they may have as well. Preparation is the key to any emergency and reminds those in it there is something everyone can do to help.

We at Kinderlime are helping preschools and childcare communicate with parents during

emergency notifications for preschools

emergencies to give your community the peace of mind that it deserves. Besides connecting you with your child during the day, our InstaPhoto app allows schools to send a mass text alert to parents. Also in private beta is another app, which enables schools to send voice, text and email messages to parents. Contact us if you are interested.

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