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  • by Akash Bansal
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Kinderlime becomes the Hub of Childcare

We are excited to announce today that we have released Kinderlime Open APIs that can connect your external systems to our Platform. This has been in the works for quite some time and we worked with a few select partners to make this happen.

This is a massive leap for the Childcare Market as we have democratized your secure access to data. Now you can work with your favorite applications through the Kinderlime API and develop tools and services over our Platform. Just like Quickbooks can connect to hundreds of services and tools to serve you better, so can Kinderlime. You can focus on your families and running your business. Kinderlime is the core platform that will power all the other services that you would ever want to use at your childcare centers and afterschool programs.

As it stands, Kinderlime covers a 360-degree spectrum of Childcare operations from Marketing to Prospective families, Waitlist management, Childcare Management, Account Receivable, Cashflows, Family connections, Assessments, and Lesson Plans. With our APIs the possibility of extensions is unlimited. Now you can tap the Kinderlime staff timeclock to your favorite payroll provider and run payroll. The system will automatically push the hours that you would have to manually enter into payroll.

For a long time, there have been Student Information systems that have connected through Clever to other systems that are used in School Districts. But Childcare owners never had any ability to connect with Quickbooks, Slack or and assessment provider like Teaching Strategies. This enables each of these services to connect to Kinderlime and gives you the option to provide the best of breed systems out there.

It takes a leader and a visionary approach to do this. When we started, it looked like a huge undertaking, but we know our development team had the chops to do this quickly and work with partners like Gusto, Clever and others to make this happen.

Kinderlime now truly is a platform that connects all the services in the childcare market together. If you are an administrator with that vision, you have a partner in Kinderlime.

Get access to our Open APIs by sending a quick email to our API team. If you want to know the API endpoints here is a quick guide at