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Kinderlime is Going to Space!

Kinderlime is excited to announce our partnership with SpaceX to develop a childcare center for astronauts colonizing Mars on the Mars ONE mission. This childcare center outpost will initially cater to ages from 6 weeks to 6 years. Parents whose children were born as a result of the 6 month transit passage between the International Space Station and Mars will be the first to utilize this center.

Kinderlime believes that individual astronauts will not be able to truly colonize Mars without laying down roots. Once the colony is established and has everything required to ensure our survival on Mars, the mission will focus on propagation of our species there. The first colonizers will be working hard to build infrastructure for future generations to come. These sacrifices are to be rewarded with galactic-class childcare for their children.

“We wish to ensure the full experience of earth for our Astronauts. Kinderlime helps bring the most technologically advanced childcare service on Mars. We aim to have the happiest kids in the Milky Way,” stated Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX.

In preparation of this, a mock PreK classroom from Kinderlime will be included in a launch next summer, along with other operational cargo that is being delivered to the International Space Station. The goal of this preliminary launch will be to further increase the viability of a Kinderlime nursery under mission conditions.

Mars ONE can only be considered a success if the astronauts are able to sustain life in the colony for years to come. Kinderlime is delighted to be a part of this momentous journey for the human race.

(Artist’s conception of the Kinderlime childcare center as part of the Mars ONE colony)


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