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Kinderlime joins the Procare family

Today is a big day for Kinderlime. We have decided to join hands with Procare Software, the biggest player in child care management.


Over the last few years the Kinderlime team has built a foundational platform that empowers child care programs to streamline their operations. Way back in 2012 it was hard for anybody to conceive that an iPad would be used to replace preschool classroom and back office management. We built a Sign In-Out kiosk as an iOS app and got our first preschool customer. One preschool after another loved what we were doing for them. But it was hard to get the attention of center owners and directors. While they wanted to save time running their programs, they didn’t have the time to evaluate new solutions. Therein lay the opportunity for Kinderlime, an extremely simple mobile solution which they could start using in a few minutes.


Very few investors believed in the market, but we knew that we were onto something because schools were loving the simplicity of the platform and were willing to pay for the service. Mobile was changing the world and we wanted to be driving that change for preschools. From then on we never looked back. Kinderlime with it’s Sign In-Out and Family Engagement tools created an entire child care platform including Payroll and Tuition. Being a bootstrapped business we came up with creative ways to hire the best, found unique marketing channels, and created a business model that worked well in the child care SaaS space.


What’s next:

Procare Software’s mission and ours is aligned. Together our products and services brings unparalleled value to customers managing child care programs. Procare’s market leadership and 25+ years’ experience in child care center management, together with our modern and scalable technology and the agility to continually innovate, will bring transformative solutions to the market. This will give our customers even more time with children and their families. The Kinderlime team looks forward to the coming years as part of the Procare family.