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Kinderlime revolutionizes child care management

This week Kinderlime cemented it’s position as leader in child care management software with a revolutionary update of it’s parent app on both the Android play store and the iOS apps store. The Kinderlime app is the goto place for parents to receive communication from their school or child care center. The app allows parents to view their billing information as well. Now with a click of a button on their phones parents can add their credit card or bank accounts and pay the school for after school, preschool or daycare fees.

Antiqued child care management software is a thing of the past with Kinderlime Sign In-Out, Billing, Online Payments, Daily Sheets and Parent apps. Child care administrators can bill parents based on the weekly, monthly or dropin rates. Statements of how much the parents owe is available in the app. Kinderlime is leading the mobile revolution by bringing billing, pictures, daily sheets and notifications on a smartphone of a parent. Help your parents stay on top of their child’s day and simplify your paperwork by using Kinderlime today.

Parent app from Kinderlime

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