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Kinderlime takes on a new challenges in 2019

Remember when you started your childcare business? The excitement, the mission-driven purpose, and the drive to find your first family?


That’s what Kinderlime was 7 years ago.


Since then, the company has grown to 20 employees and a passionate membership of over 5000 programs using Kinderlime. We went through the same journey as what you go through when running your school and childcare centers. The team made the conscious decision to focus on you to create a great product and serve you well. We have grown primarily from word-of-mouth. As a self-funded business, we have been been able to focus on what matters – providing you the right operational tools that make a difference to your staff and the families you serve. And I am proud to say, that our customers have supported our growth and long term sustainability. We have built a team that puts customers first. 

Over the last 7 years, we have saved childcare and afterschool administrators Millions of Hours in paperwork time and gotten a hundred million smiles from the moments you share with parents.


It’s a hard thing to run a childcare center. You came to this business not only to make money, but for the passion for serving the community and making a difference to next generation. So did we – our missions are the same.

2018 was a great year for Kinderlime. The team executed at breakneck speed. Let’s take a look back at all the monumental accomplishments this year.


An all new Kinderlime Platform

We upgraded our entire platform to not only make it easier for our customers, but to make it easier for our development team to add fantastic new features!

      Our new user-friendly app!



We took on outside investment for the first time! This money is going to you. We did this in order to build the product functionality you need and to get more awesome customer support reps!


Team Growth

We made a commitment to expand our hours during early mornings and weekends. To make this happen we expanded our customer success team. Our customer success and engineering team is the best in the childcare market. Check out our reviews on Capterra and the iOS and Android stores.


A Totally FREE app

We know your budgets are tight. Kinderlime has a totally FREE app for everything that you need to do for communicating with parents.


2 Day Payouts for ACH

This is the fastest you can get your money in the bank from Parents. We know you have to meet payroll each week. With Credit Card rates as low as 2.65% you’ll love our Online Billing. No, it’s not too good to be true – try it out yourself!


New and cool features – A lot new features to make your lives easier

  • An afterschool program can just run automated billing for dropin students based on hourly rates
  • Newsletters that are so beautiful that childcare administrators fall in love over it
  • We released the first SaaS solution for Registration and Enrollments for a preschool
  • The first time ever that Billing and Payments could be run truly on a Mobile app. Think about collecting Payments through Venmo or Paypal, that’s what Kinderlime can do along with all other things that it’ll do for your business
  • We run payroll end to end. An integration that has never been heard before – right from time tracking of staff timeclock all the way to payroll

There is one thread in all of this. Kinderlime delivers what we promise. We want to continue to surprise you with even more so that you can do what matters – spend time with children and your staff professional development.


We care about serving you on the phone, our real time customer support channel and emails. To make this happen, the Kinderlime team has expanded in Sacramento besides our Santa Clara and San Diego offices. 

Now, we want to cover all new ground in customer responsiveness in 2019. 

If you are new to Kinderlime, we’ll get you started the same day with the Kinderlime childcare app and software. If we can’t get you going within a day, then the first 3 months of Kinderlime subscription is on us

Yes, our software is so simple that we can get you started right away. This is our commitment to you. You should feel comforted knowing you are working with the right team as you launch into 2019.