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Kinderlime vs KidReports from Procare

Happy July 4th! Today is the day United States citizens celebrate our independence from a broken system.  Well now it’s time to break apart from the broken childcare management system holding you back. Yes, we mean KidReports from Procare. An old system designed to squeeze pennies. Let’s explore your options.

KidReports from Procare tries to solve the need of parent communication for childcare centers. But is it intuitive? Does it work well with the rest of Procare’s products? Or is it just another add-on to Procare?

Parents today have grown up or become familiar with Facebook and Instagram. These social media platforms enable them to build connections with brands. You want to create a private connection with them; one which exemplifies the quality care you provide in your center. So, the platform that you use to communicate with parents needs to reflect that.

Because Procare is an older software company, it relies on older technology to produce KidReports. On the other hand, Kinderlime‘s user interface is smooth and beautiful, exactly what your parents expect from an up-to-date app. Moreover, most of Kinderlime’s Parent Connection features are FREE, as opposed to the monthly fee you need to pay for KidReports.

Here is a look at the difference between an older software company and a cloud-based system.

Kinderlime’s Parent Connection features include the following:

  • Daily Activities
    • Meals & Bottles
    • Naps
    • Diaper changes & potty breaks
  • Share a child’s Mood in a fun way through emojis
  • Medications (if any)
  • Photos and Videos. You can send multiple photos as well. This will be huge for your parent engagement.
  • Learning Activities
    • Set up Lesson Plans with activities that focus on specific learning skills, like cognitive, emotional, physical, motor, math, logical
    • Set up a schedule for your learning activities
  • Email Newsletters to parents and staff
  • Incident Reports for accidents or behavioral issues
  • Messaging
    • For a single family, the whole class, or the whole school
    • Push notifications to parents
    • Text alerts for emergencies and announcements

If you want the complete platform to run your childcare center, Kinderlime offers it all as a single integrated solution. Kinderlime makes you look polished and professional. The ease of use which enables your parents to pay on time through their credit card or bank directly from their app. With Kinderlime, payments and parent communication can be done in one single app, unlike Procare and KidReports. We’re sure your staff want to send photos and record activities without cringing at how difficult the KidReports app is to use.

You want your parents engaged and sharing your daycare with other parents. Kinderlime makes that connection easier than ever. Check out our a short video of our mobile app here or give us a call and schedule a demo. We love serving Procare customers!

Here are the iTunes app review for both Kinderlime and KidReport.

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