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New Look + More Features = Kinderlime 2.0

by Steve Biondi


Over the past few years, the Kinderlime team has worked hard to develop products that meet the needs of our customers and have always been open to feedback for ways to make your workflow more efficient.

We are determined to empower your childcare to operate at its full potential by making the most complicated tasks simple, digital, and connected. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few changes that will knock your socks off!

After months of hard work, we are proud to show you our latest upgrade to the Kinderlime Childcare Software Platform, Apps and Website!


Existing customer will not be affected immediately. We take precaution when switching to ensure you are familiar with the new system. Please click here for FAQs for customers currently using Kinderlime 1.0.


Take a look here and learn how Kinderlime’s upgraded features could help your Childcare, Preschool or Aftercare program.

That’s right, we’ve changed our colors! We hope this will create a more pleasant viewing experience as you use our apps.

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Our dashboard is easier to read and includes a summary of all important things you look for as an owner/administrator. We’ve improved upon our core features and even added a number of new ones.



With our advancements in our billing feature, we are now the ONLY Cloud-based Childcare Management Solution to have Comprehensive Billing Capabilities.

Everything in ONE APP

If you are currently using Kinderlime, you are familiar with our 3 apps: our SISO app, our Daily Sheets app, and our Parent app. No more toggling between apps. We have condensed everything, so you can run your childcare program all on one app! With a parent & staff pinpad available for checking in and out, live attendance tracking and staff:student ratio for each room, Toggling between locations (if you run a multi-site program), Parent engagement, mass messaging, and the ability for parents to pay their bill directly from this one app.

The app comes with a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Now our Sign In-Out, Daily Activities, and Parent Communication features are located all in one app!

Try out the new app here!

If you have questions, chat with a representative or browse through our Help Center directly from the app’s Help & Support section.

Parents can also access their child’s daily activity and billing information from the same app via their phone. They’ll be able to scroll through a feed with their children’s sign in-out times and daily activities, including all of the wonderful photos and videos you’ll send them throughout the day. The new messaging center will allow them to read and send messages to their child’s teacher, and the payments section will allow them to keep track of their invoices and balances.

Click here to see more in-depth view of our V2 new features such as:

  • Before & After School Auto-Billing
  • Late Fee & Setting Up Billing Plans
  • Engage with Parents Through Daily Activity Messaging
  • Immunization Tracking
  • Multi-site Management
  • All your reports in one place
  • And More!

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