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Save Time with Kinderlime this Mother’s Day

by Steve Biondi


On the heels of Teacher Appreciation week, we have so many thanks to give. As educators, you work tirelessly throughout the day, inspiring children to dream. By night, you become supermom, the toughest job of all. Mother’s Day has become a symbol for our appreciation to all the moms out there. You are all wonderful and deserve to have some fun this Sunday!

Here are a few last minute things you can do this Mother’s Day to treat yourself.

Rest and Relaxation

When is the last time you drew yourself a bath? Well maybe it’s time you do — bath bombs have come a long way!


Find out more about how to destress this weekend. You can use these techniques anytime you are feeling stressed, not just for Mother’s Day. And I strongly encourage you do one of these regularly to keep your sanity!

Hints for your family

These stylish items are a great last minute buy for your family to order for you (one or two nudges should do the trick), or for you to get for your own mom. They include a nifty tea lab, a sparkling wine kit, and a 60-minute massage.  

For some help with your never-ending list of things to do, have your children create a coupon book redeemable anytime this month (or year). You could do the same thing for your students for things like a one-day “quiet time” coupon. Get creative with your suggestions!

Give the gift of time!

Kinderlime helps you as a childcare owner, after school staff member, or parent save time on daily and monthly paperwork. May of our customers have saved over 10 hours of manual data entry each month using our automated attendance tracking, online billing, and daily activity features.

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