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Send Beautiful Newsletters

Here at Kinderlime HQ, we know how important it is for teachers and faculty to communicate with the parents of their students.  Previous to our update, our newsletter feature was a simple text box. Our updated newsletter feature now has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that allows you to create a beautiful newsletter to your exact specifications quicker than a Starbucks run 😉


Here’s how it works!

When you login to your Kinderlime account on desktop, you will see the Newsletter option on the side panel of the home screen. At the top, you can change the background color and pattern so the newsletter stays consistent with your school’s branding.


You’ll see that there are different template options on the left hand side. Whether you’re planning on sending an album style newsletter to highlight the cutest moments from the month, or a blog style recap of all the milestone’s your kids reached this month, you’ll find everything you need to customize your newsletter exactly the way you want. Need more ideas?


Send out next week’s meal schedule, pictures from the field trip to the zoo from last week, and a last minute reminder that art class is cancelled tomorrow! Parent’s can also stay organized with our Calendar Events feature to keep track of all the events happening.



Sending newsletters through Kinderlime helps protect your privacy and lessens spam since you won’t have to use your personal email address. Kinderlime has all of your parent’s emails stored in our system making sending out newsletters quick and painless.


If you want to send out a school wide blast, “select all” does the job. Just want to send out a recap of little Anne’s first week to only her parents? They’ll be delighted to receive the personalized attention! You’ll save so much time not having to manually input each email address individually.


Our newsletter feature update is powerful, but most importantly easy to use. You’ll be able to create and send out newsletters quickly so you can focus on what’s important… the kids!

Try out our newsletter feature today!