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State Standard and Assessments for PreK

In our mission to simplify all areas of operation of a preschool, we are pleased to announce that Kinderlime can now address Assessments and Milestone tracking for your students. Whether you follow assessments from your state, your funding agency, or simply your own, we have it all. The assessments are customizable and can be set depending on the age groups. With this feature, Kinderlime covers DRDP, NAEYC or Pre-K, Toddler and Infant Developmental Standards across each of the 50 states.


In the past, schools have used Teaching Strategies and other tools to do assessments. With Kinderlime they can do it all in one place while running their billing and other operations like sign in-out and waitlists.

Milestones and State Standards progress tracking for teachers


Assessments and tracking milestones have been a big challenge for preschools. Most schools continue to use paper for assessments and tracking a child’s developmental progress. To summarize this all in a portfolio is an even bigger undertaking. Kinderlime enables observations that can be tied to a specific milestone. Then the teacher can then further rate the progress of the student through their specific criteria. Development scale can be configured as per that rating criteria by the state. For example, the measurement scale can be defined as [Non-Observed, Limited, Developing, Advanced, and Proficient].


Kinderlime also allows you to post lessons and lesson plans. Each of these lessons can target one or many milestones that cover an age group. As you deliver that lesson, the teachers can record observations and tie it to the developmental progress of each student. In short, this makes Kinderlime an end to end Learning Management Platform for your preschool from lesson planning to assessments.  


Everything in Kinderlime including the Assessment Standards, Specific Milestones, and Rating scale can be configured. With such high flexibility, Kinderlime is your perfect tool to get accreditation or give data to your state and funding agency. And better still it ties to all the individual portfolios you build for parents. They truly have a reason to go with a preschool that cares about the development of their children and has the data to prove it 😉