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Using Photo Sharing to Market your Childcare and Retain your Parents

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As an acting Director of a Preschool chain, I saw firsthand how diverse children parents and schools were. Even each classroom has its own culture. But one thing was universal – the more engaged the parent the happier.

There’s many ways to engage parents but perhaps the easiest, most customized way is through photo sharing. Kinderlime was built with that premise in mind. Born out of the separation anxiety with our own children, and with our early childhood education experience we put together a comprehensive way to share photos. Here are 10 tips.

1.Have parent waivers. Included at the bottom of this article is a simple template that keeps you out of trouble. Some parents are very protective of their children’s photos being accessed. Others are more liberal. Our program takes care of both and has built in reminders for staff.

2.Store photos securely. Although lots of schools have plenty of photos stacked in physical form behind a desk or saved on local hard drives, these do not constitute reasonable protection. Kinderlime stores each photo specific to each child on encrypted servers. Whatever you do, consider using cloud storage.

3.Build portfolios. By sequencing and accruing photos online, building a portfolio happens automatically. Include notes and tags and it becomes searchable. Now Halloween pics and first day of school to last day of school can be documented and scrolled through chronology for parents hungry to watch their children grow

4.Track developments. Many HeadStart programs across the nation use Common Core Standards to monitor developmentally relevant moments in a child’s pre academic life. The result? Better academic skills later down the road. Parents love to see progress too.

5.Encourage sharing. Perhaps this should be #1 for some preschools. Allowing for easy sharing of photos from school begins a digital word of mouth cycle that produce new leads for your school and increase retention. Give the parents what they want they will return the favor.

6.Expose your staff to technology. Preschools have a diverse group of caring people to look after our little ones. Some have many generations of experience, some are fresh out of their first 6 units of ECE. But almost all of them can benefit from learning easy, intuitive ways to take and share photos. We made our program as easy as possible so seniors and juniors can learn within a day. No being behind computers and moving files around. A couple taps and you’re good to go.

7.Know your generation of parents. If you haven’t learned this word yet, allow us to introduce to the Millenial. Born in the early to mid 80’s Millenials are not only society’s major source of new children they are one of the most tech savvy. Social media and smartphones are the norms for these young parents and Kinderlime was built with them in mind.

8.Safety. Documenting lowers risks. At Kinderlime, some of our early partnerships were ones we did not expect. Paramedics & Insurance companies. It turns out, when accidents or unexpected events occur, having quick tools available to document can make a big difference: from first responders understanding what happened, to communicating with parents, to reducing liability. Document, Document, Document. And yes, photo taking is documenting!

9.A picture says a thousand words. We know its an old axiom but hear us out. How many times has Mom or Dad dropped off a crying 2 year old only to have them smiling and laughing 5 minutes later? Or your child gets a Boo-boo and is all smiles after a band-aid and a hug? An instant photo sure beats “She’s doing fine” if you’re a parent.

10.Security. Pictures aren’t just for the children. Say you have a new staff member or an employee is out sick. Quickly scrolling down the Kinderlime photo roster quickly familiarizes names with faces in emergency roll calls. Did we mention Kinderlime is portable? But it doesn’t stop there. Parents and caregivers too can be required to be snapped adding yet another layer of security.

These are just some ways photo sharing and storing can greatly benefit a school. Whether its increasing the communication, safety, marketing your daycare or childcare and building precious memories, we can help!

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Sample Picture Waiver

Please fill out this form to either give or decline permission for __________ top use pictures video, or other media of your child on our website, facebook page, publications, bulletins and school media. We will not identify children by name when use online (however they can be tagged by others) We will always do our best to remove a photo when requested.


Name of Child, Age Classroom

To Grant Permission to use your child’s photographs:

I, ______________ grant permission for ____________ school to use media of my child for purposes stated above. I understand that once any image is posted to the Internet, the imagine can downloaded by any computer user around the world. I hereby release _____________ school, its employees and agents from any and all claims for damages, libel, slander, invasion of right to privacy or any other claims based on these use of the photos or video.

Signed__________________________ Dated: _________________

To decline permission to use your child’s photographs.

I, _________________ decline to grant permission for ______________ school to use media of my children for media as stated above.

Signed__________________________ Dated: _________________

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