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Weekly Lesson Plans

One of the challenges a childcare director faces is to keep up the quality of activities and lessons delivered to their preschoolers. There are so many things going on a preschool and you are always short-staffed. Buying the right curriculum is just a start. Does your staff follow through and do they know what to do in the classroom each week? Now with the Kinderlime weekly lesson planning feature you can do all of this on the website and the app.

As a daycare administrator, you can set up a lesson plan from the website for the entire week and the next few weeks. A description of the lessons its learning objectives are also available right here. Additional curriculum assets like PDFs and videos can be attached or linked to. This gives your lesson a complete shape or form where your new staff members can go in prep for the lesson at the beginning of the day.

The most beautiful part of all of this is instant communication with the parent as the parent picks up their children. A digest of all the lessons delivered is sent to the parent and they truly become partners in nurturing their little one at your school. Kinderlime has seen 96% of the parents saying that they find a school preparing their child for Kindergarten and setting them up for success when the school uses Kinderlime lesson planning. 




A typical workflow of a teacher would be –

  • Master teacher would add all the lessons for the entire classroom at the beginning of the week 
  • The director would approve those lessons so that the teachers can then plan their delivery during the whole week
  • Teachers on the Kinderlime app would see the lesson during the day. They’ll be able to tag the specific objectives that are being targeted in those lessons. 
  • To save you time, you’ll be able to copy previous weeks lessons
  • Parents would get these lesson activities delivered to their email and Kinderlime Parent app

If you are a large Franchise or have multiple centers, then your Curriculum team can set up these lessons for all your centers. Now, how good is that 😉

Combine all of this with Kinderlime State Standards and assessments feature, it is one feature in the Kinderlime Platform which will solve all your Learning, Planning, and assessment needs. Why would you look outside when you have Kinderlime even doing Sign In-Out, Billing, Waitlists and CRM.

We are really proud of what we have built. Those using the feature absolutely love the simplicity of it. Send us a note on what you think.