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What does California Childcare Licensing say about electronic Sign in-out?

When we launched Kinderlime Sign In-Out (a.k.a clock in-out) , childcare centers would ask us if this was fine by CCLD (California Childcare Licensing Department). Over the last six months many preschools have gone electronic with Kinderlime sign in-out without breaking a sweat with licensing. Infact CCLD loves electronic check in-out systems as they understand you’ll be on top of ratios, and would always have records for them when they visit your facility. With Kinderlime you’ll not be searching for the paper sign in sheets. So free yourself of paper and get Kinderlime Sign In-Out today

Below is a letter that licensing sent to one of our preschools in Santa Clara.


California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 12, Section 101229.1 requires the Licensee to develop, maintain and implement a written procedure to sign the child in and out the childcare center. The Licensee requests a waiver from the above requirement to allow the facility to use a computer system to sign children in and out of the Facility. In accordance with section 101175(b) the waiver is granted. The waiver will still require you to follow all other applicable laws and regulations. The waiver is subject to review and modification of termination at the discretion of the licensing agency.

The conditions for the waiver are:

I) The child’s authorized representative or other responsible person authorized to sign the child in/out (including other family memebrs) is assigned an individual Personal identification number (PIN). This Personal identification number must be kept confidential.

II) To minimize the potential for abuse, an entire family cannot be issued the same PIN number

III) An unauthorized individual cannot have access to the PIN numbers

IV) Administrator will be fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the indiviual’s PIN numbers

V) Only authrozied staff will be allowed to assist the individual who lost or forget their PIN numbers

VI) In event of electronic system failure, facility must make available a hard copy of the Sign IN OUT sheet for the use by authorized representative. Staff must verify the Identification and authorization of prospective individual prior to releasing the child

VII) If an individual chooses not to use the electronic system, the individual will be permitted to sign in out on a form prepared by the facility

VIII) Licensee will obtain prior approval from Licensing for any changes to the above

Failure to comply with the conditions may result In termination of the waiver.


Licensing Program Analyst