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Why Your Daycare Should Go Digital

Why Your Daycare Should Go Digital

Owning a daycare is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. You get to spend time with kids and watch your staff learn and grow. Every day is different. There is nothing like watching kids playing, paint their own masterpieces, or learn to tie their shoes. Working in a daycare yields lots of fun and heartwarming rewards.

Still, owning a daycare has its challenges. Things like keeping track of important papers and time cards, communicating with parents, keeping track of your client roster, and handling billing. It’s easy for things to get misplaced and messages to go unnoticed. Especially when two or three people are working in the office. It’s nobody’s fault, it just happens. 

An Easier Way of Doing Business

What if there was a more natural way to keep track of everything? Wouldn’t you love to be able to look at time sheets, student rosters and set up your billing in a snap? This is why your daycare should go digital. No more missing time cards, papers, or complicated billing. 

There are many benefits of going digital in your daycare business. 

•You will save time because everything is at your fingertips. The days of spending hours looking for lost and misplaced paperwork will be gone. Chaos no more! 

•You will save money because you won’t be printing off attendance sheets, meal sheets, and managing time cards every week. Not to mention, you’ll be helping the environment by using less paper.

•Your communication with parents will go much smoother. Sometimes it can be difficult getting a hold of a parent at work via phone, and keeping it professional using your personal cell phone. Using a dedicated application to send messages is a much faster, easier, and more efficient way of contacting parents. There will be no more missed events, field trips, or miscommunication. Parents will also enjoy being able to see their children having fun during their day via photo and video.

•Parents will be excited that they can do so many things with one application. Being able to sign their child in and out via an app will be a huge plus because we all live in a world on the go. It is even more secure than a paper sign-in sign-out since signing in on an application requires a personalized code!

•Parents will feel more connected and kept “in the loop” of what is going on at your daycare. They will be impressed with how modern, and organized your daycare is and how quickly you are able to update them about their child’s milestones.

•Your staff will be able to work more efficiently. Often in the early mornings, there are only a few people at the center to open. Sometimes parents will have to call a different room to report that their child is ill or won’t be in that day because their child’s teacher hasn’t arrived yet. From there, the message has to be passed on to your child’s teacher. It is easy for a teacher to forget when there is so much going on. No more. Your staff will be able to look in the app and see who will and will not be there that day. They will also be able to track and log their hours which will be very convenient for them.

•As the owner/director your stress level will go down. Everything you need is at your fingertips and all in one place. This will make for a smoother, more productive, happier work day for you. 

Going Digital Sounds AMAZING! Now What?

Streamlining all your processes into one application is EASY when you pick an application like Kinderlime. Alongside our amazing customer success team ready to answer any questions, and set you up for success, Kinderlime allows you to manage the following things in your business.

Student Sign Out

Parents can sign their kids in and out on the app. Staff can also manage attendance with their roster.

Connecting with Parents

You and your staff can send messages, photos, and real-life events like your child taking a nap or playing. No more notes being left behind in cubbies or your team missing talking to a parent at drop off or pick up time.


At a glance you can see attendance, absences, staff time sheets, and more.

Online Billing and Payments

This is a director’s dream. You can set up monthly tuition and attendance plans as well as calculate late fees and other charges.

Manage Your Center

Keep all your student, family and pickup lists all in one place. This is especially important for your staff to be able to reference if a stranger comes to pick up a child. Do you have multiple center locations? Not a problem, you can manage those lists as well in the application.

Meal tracking

Kinderlime also has a CACFP compatible meal tracking feature.

Lesson Plans and Learning

Create a weekly lesson plan and share it with parents

State Standards

Create developmental milestones and track your student’s progress so you can share with their parents.

Staff Time Card

No more lost or missing time cards. You can track staff hours in the Kiosk and easily make reports for your bookkeeper.

Set up Payroll

You can use the Kinderlime app paired with Gusto to make doing your payroll a dream. Read Automate your payroll with gusto for more information.

Manage a Waitlist

Now you can organize your waitlist so that you don’t miss on follow-ups with Kinderlime Lead CRM.


As you can see, there are many reasons why your daycare should go digital. Working with a daycare app like Kinderlime will lower stress, increase productivity, and encourage a happier workplace all around. You will be satisfied, your staff will be happy, and your clients will be satisfied. Everyone’s lives will be much more relaxed which is a win-win. Not to mention, it will help draw new clients to your business. When parents talk to their friends about what an excellent center that their children go to and how easy it is to communicate with staff, it will definitely get people’s attention.

So, what do you say? Take a look at Kinderlime to make your life easier today!