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All-in-One Childcare Management for
Daycare, Preschool & Afterschool

Manage your Center Anywhere, Anytime!

Kinderlime provides a super-easy way to manage your Roster and Enrollment data securely through web or mobile. It’s time to move away from old clunky software systems.

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    Student Roster & Enrollments

    Easily manage your student roster and enrollment pipeline.
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    Family & Authorized Pickups

    Securely store family and pickup contact details for each student.
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    Staff Permissions

    Manage your staff across one or many schools. Simply assign different permission levels based on what they should see.
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    Multi-Site Dashboard

    Switch between many schools with click of a button and view the dashboard instantly. Keep tabs on stats across schools.
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    Immunization & Allergy

    Track immunizations and allergies for each student. Generate a report to learn who is lagging behind.
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    Integration & Imports

    Integrate with popular SIS systems and sync data in minutes. Or, get started now by importing a spreadsheet!
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    Meal Tracking

    Easy to use CACFP-compatible meal tracking feature.
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    Record staff timecards and seamlessly integrate with a payroll provider.
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    Data Security

    Your data is our highest priority. We use highest level of encryption to keep it secure.

Manage your Student & Family Data

Easily manage each student profile from web or mobile. You can also quickly check dietary restrictions, allergies, or immunization records.

Have you ever forgotten a birthday? Do you know which children have allergies? Our mobile app will smartly remind you so you never forget again!


Track your Student <--> Staff Ratio

With our Real-Time Staff and Student Attendance system you can easily track ratios and ensure you are always licensing compliant.

Setup alert monitoring to get notified when overstaffed or understaffed. Learn More


Reporting for all your needs

Generate reports with a button click from our dashboard. We support reports right off the shelf for Sign In-Out, Staff Timecard, Billing, Immunization, Family Database, Meal Tracking and more.

Learn more about our Integrations here

Free yourself from repetitive tasks

Spend more time with the children

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