Parent Communication App | Kinderlime by Procare

Streamline your Daily Workflow and Save Hours

Whether it’s capturing daily activities , messaging or sending rich newsletters through our app, your staff and parents will love the experience using our simple easy-to-use app.

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    Photos & Videos

    Share daily moments through photos & videos with parents.
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    Daily Sheets

    Send up to 12 different daily activities in real time to parents.
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    Learning Activities

    Easily create and track custom developmental milestones for students.
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    Messaging & SMS

    Communicate like never before with a simple chat. For emergencies send SMS alerts.
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    Send rich stories of the day using our newsletters.
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    Calendar Events

    Share upcoming events with parents to keep them in sync.
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    Staff Only

    Mark activities as staff only for administrative review. Approve to share with parents.
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    Incident Reports

    Capture any incidents and mishaps during the day and send or print reports.
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    Meal Reports

    Track meals and food menu. Generate CACFP compliant report.

Keep your Parents Updated with Digital Daily Sheets

Record activities like naps, meals, bathroom breaks, mood, medication, notes, incident reports and much more right from the app. Automatically generate reports and send notification to parents.

Parents appreciate knowing what their child is up to in real-time.


Easily Communicate with Parents

Send a quick message, alert, or reminder to parents directly from our app. You can also email newsletters with more general news, photos, or forms for your center from our website.

Reach your parents in a way that works best for you, whenever you need to.


Record Student Milestones

Record each student’s progress and milestones easily from the mobile app. View the learning activities you’ve captured and easily compare them on the website.

Attach photos to each activity and share progress with parents and staff.


Send Rich Newsletters

Create powerful and rich newsletter content through drag-and-drop interface that you can send to parents and as well to other staff members.

Pick from many different layouts and themes. Upload Photos, add attachments and collaborate with other staff before sending.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks

Spend more time with the children

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