Parent Connection | Kinderlime
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    Keep your Parents Updated with Digital Daily Sheets

    Activity notifications including naps, meals, bathroom breaks, mood, medication, general notes, and incident reports.

    Parents appreciate knowing what their child is up to in real-time, especially as their child grows over the coming months.

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    Send Moments to Parents Through Photos & Videos

    Bridge the daily gap between parents and their children. Share a photo that will bring a smile to the parents' faces during a long work day.

    Capture photos or videos, tag children, and send the images immediately for the parents' view (or save them for later).

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    Easily Communicate with Parents Through our Mobile App

    Send a quick message, alert, or reminder to parents directly from our app. You can also email newsletters with more general news, photos, or forms for your center from our website.

    Reach the parents in a way that works best for you, whenever you need to.

Kinderlime can be a Powerful Marketing Tool and Time Saver

Tap into the parents' network by sending photos and videos of their children having fun and learning at your center. It's a great way to advertise your center and find new families!