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Pricing & Plans

It’s no secret that running a childcare business can be complicated. Kinderlime makes it simple. Learn about our affordable software pricing and plan options.

Kinderlime Free Edition

  • Daily Attendance
  • Photos & Videos
  • Daily Reports - Meals, Naps & more
  • Messaging & Newsletters
  • Calendar Events
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Kinderlime Premium

  • Your business is growing – fast. Access everything in the free plan, plus:
  • Unlimited Student, Family, and Staff Data
  • Parent Sign In-Out & Signatures
  • Staff Timecard & Payroll
  • Live Room Ratios
  • Invoicing & Online Payments
  • Recurring Billing Plans
  • Multi-Site Integrations
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Chat & Phone Support
  • Everything in Free plus
  • Sign In-Out & Signatures
  • Staff Timecard & Payroll
  • Live Room Ratios
  • Invoicing & Billing Plans
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-Site & Integrations
  • All Reporting
  • Chat & Phone Support

Get a 20% discount on Kinderlime Premium when billed yearly and enjoy your First Month Free

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Kinderlime Enterprise

Your business is in full swing. Access everything in premium, plus:

For > 80 students or Multi-site Programs. Corporate Dashboard and Reporting is available.

1 (877)-284-4851

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Enterprise contact

Sign In-Out System Free Premium

Staff can take attendance for a single child or an entire group.

Live Room Ratios

Track how many students and staff are in each room in real time.

Parent Sign-In Kiosk

Parents can sign in-out students on your tablet or moblie device.

Staff Clock-In & Timecard

Staff clock in-out using unique code on mobile kiosk.

Digital Signatures

Capture parent signatures on the Kinderlime app.

Pickup / Drop-Off Form

Pickup & drop-off forms that parent can fill in during sign in-out

Offline Mode

Run Sign In-Out completely in offline mode with no internet

Smart Ratio Alerts

Configure Student-Staff Ratio monitoring alert for each room

Daily Activities
Daily Reports

Send Daily Sheets of activities to parents

Photos and Videos

Allow parents to share in their children’s day by sending photos and videos

Post Activities

Record naps, meals, diaper changes, mood, medication, and more!

Incident Report

Record injuries or behavioral issues.

Parent Communication

Send an urgent text alert, hard-to-miss push notifications, or messages to the parent’s app inbox.


Create templates and email newsletters to your families.

Calendar Events

Share upcoming calendar events with families

Billing & Payments
Invoice & Online Payments

Send invoices and collect payments online or through cash/check.

Recurring Billing Plans

Weekly or Monthly Tuition and Attendance plans

Processing Fees
*ACH: $0.50, CC: 2.65% + $0.50
Cash/Check: free

Qualify for these low fees based on your enrollment

Attendance Calculation

Hourly Billing for Before / After school. Automatically calculate late or early charges by the minute.

Parent Pay vs School Pay Fee

Ability to choose if parent or school will pay transaction fee.

Childcare Management
Unlimited Staff, Students and Family Data

One classroom, one staff, 15 students limit

Authorized Pickups

Staff and parents can add/edit profiles for a child’s pickup list.

Staff Profiles & Permissions

Manage any number of staff profile and their permission levels for access.

Staff Timecard & Payrolls

Sync your staff timcard with payroll providers.

Immunization Tracking

Keep a record of each child’s past and upcoming immunizations.

Student Roster Upload

If you have a large number of students, we’ll upload your roster for you.

Multisite Administration

Easily switch between accounts for multiple sites.

SIS and Platform Integrations

We integrate with leading SIS systems seamlessly. Checkout our Integrations page.

Milestone Tracking

Track child development and proficiency levels in each skill.

Assessments & State Standards

Track based on specific state development standards. Attach observations.

Lesson plans

Plan your week and activities you are going to be doing in the classroom.

Student Portfolios

Kinderlime auto builds a portfolio as the student meets those milestones.

Lead CRM for Childcare (Enterprise Plans)
Enrollment & Registrations

New family registrations.

Waitlist Management

Track how many children are in waitlist to manage occupancy.

Lead Tracking

Be a marketing pro with managing leads.

Automation of Tasks

Kinderlime auto assigns you followup tasks based on lead stage.

Email & Text

Yes, like any marketing program, Kinderlime sends email and text messages to prospective families.

Attendance Reports

Sign In-Out times for each day, or total days and hours attended per month.

Staff Timecards

Employee timesheet for payroll in weekly, monthly or custom periods.

Invoices, Payments, Balances

View reports for family invoices, balances, and payments.

Meal Counts

CACFP-compliant meal tracking report that tallies all of the meals activities recorded for the children.

Customer Support
Online Help Center

Our library of articles and resources, just for you!

Group Webinars

Attend a webinar on specific topics or Kinderlime as a whole.

Chat Support System

Chat, call, or email anytime with questions and concerns.

Phone Support & Trainings
Apple iOS
Amazon Fire
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