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    Sign In-Out

    Use our app's Kiosk for Parent Sign In-Out & signatures, or let staff take attendance with their roster.

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    Parent Billing

    Create recurring tuition or attendance plans. Let us calculate any activity charges or late fees.

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    Childcare Managment

    Let parents see how much you love and care for their children with instant parent communication.

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    Parent Connection

    Delight parents with instant activity updates for meals, naps, mood, and more.

Kinderlime is Impacting 5000+ Childcare Programs

Hear it from our happy customers

    Foundations 4 adVANCEment
    Foundations 4 adVANCEment Teacher & Principal
    I wanted something that was more user-friendly and really wanted the parents to be able to sign their own children in. I had used Kinderlime over the summer and used it for the summer camp. It worked out really well, so I said might as well use it for the school year as well....❞
    Falisa D. Smullen
    Falisa D. Smullen Savannah, GA
    I found out about Kinderlime through some clubs for childcare on facebook. People asked what would be the best way to stay organized and people said Kinderlime. I love how easy it was and how organized it was. ...❞
    MightyHearts Preschool Owner & Teacher
    Kinderlime has saved me hours and hours. You guys always answer pretty quick, within a few hours and or at least the next day. Every person I interact with has been helpful and friendly. I have nothing bad to say about Kinderlime, I recommend it to everybody....❞
    Sweet Honeybee Preschool Founder, Lead Teacher, Administrator
    I just wanted something to help me track check-in and outs, incidences, and photos. I ended up going with Kinderlime because I felt like it was simple to use and user-friendly for parents....❞
    Little Blessings Family Daycare Owner/Director
    Kinderlime seemed more related to daycare — simple and attractive to the eyes. Now that we’re using it, we can’t imagine running a daycare without it. Our favorite feature is communicating with the parents. It’s so easy to share pictures with the parents. It’s great not to have so many pictures saved on our own device. We also love the daily sheets, it saves so much time instead of hand-writing the daily sheets every day. ...❞
    Center for Academic Enrichment
    Center for Academic Enrichment Director
    The Center for Academic Enrichment currently uses billing, signing in and out for students and clock in for staff, managing enrollments, as well as the messaging feature. Their staff feels like it’s very mobile friendly, easy to navigate and easy to learn how to use....❞
    Little Pharoahs
    Little Pharoahs Owner
    Kinderlime along with its integration with Gusto is saving us so much time! It’s wonderful that Kinderlime calculates employee hours automatically and ready for payroll processing.  Also, our parent’s are super excited with daily updates and it has helped us build better engagement with them. ...❞
    Brainerd Baptist School
    Brainerd Baptist School Director of Information Technology
    Kinderlime’s Sign In-Out system helps track where the children are with immediate updates to parents.  Even with 300 children in our aftercare program , the app is easy to use and communicate. With just few taps we are able to see who they’re supposed to have in every room....❞
    The Phoenix School
    The Phoenix School Bookkeeper & Board Member
    Kinderlime helps improve overall communication between staff and parents. Staff are able to provide real-time updates, so parents can see the children’s activities at real time. Also, automated invoicing and payments saved us tons of hours each month. We love using their platform....❞
    Faith Learning Center
    Faith Learning Center Business Manager
    The ease of use and the organization of this software has totally changed our business practices and model. We are running a more efficient daycare, focusing more on the kids and not the business side of things.  We’ve seen our business increase each month since we’ve implemented Kinderlime software. This software has changed the entire dynamic of our business. Business has never been better!...❞
    CrossRoads Children’s Center
    CrossRoads Children’s Center Director
    If you’re looking for a childcare management system, look no further than Kinderlime so simple and easy to use. They have amazing tech support as well. Anytime we email or call, Kinderlime is there for us. ...❞
    St. Mary’s School
    St. Mary’s School After School Director
    Best tool for tracking time in/out and billing! Easy to use and great customer service. I spent a great deal of time and effort searching for the perfect tool and I have found it in Kinderlime....❞