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Everything you need for Digital Attendance Tracking

Get rid of those papers! Save student or staff sign-in in our cloud forever, visualize the data and pull customizable reports.

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    Digital Sign In-Out

    Check-in students and staff securely. Record accurate timestamps for your reporting.
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    Kiosk Mode

    Lock the device to turn it into a self-service kiosk with a secure pin or quick pin-less mode.
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    Signatures & Notes

    Capture digital signatures and a note from authorized pickups.
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    Ratios & Monitoring

    View real-time student to staff ratio anytime. Set up alerts to get notified when your ratio is off.
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    Staff Timecard to Payroll

    Track your payroll hours with staff clock-in. Integrate with payroll systems.
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    Record Absences

    Record and manage absent records along with detailed notes.
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    Pick-Up & Drop-Off Form

    Configure a fully customizable form for authorized pickups to fill out during sign in-out.
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    Attendance Reporting

    Generate reports for licensing, payroll hours, center management or billing.
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    Authorized Pickups

    Maintain a list of authorized pickups for each family.

Staff Timeclock

Track your payroll hours with our timeclock features.

All these payroll reports can be used by your bookkeeper to run paychecks.


Monitor Student-Staff Ratios

Track student-staff ratio for every room and get notified with our smart alert system.

Simply configure your ratio by room, day or time and never worry about going out of ratio. Always stay ahead with licensing compliance.


Charge Parents for Extended Care or Late Pick-ups

Kinderlime allows you to track time by the minute and charge parents with our integrated billing solution.

Customize rates, configure a grace period, and handle siblings with ease.


Authorized Pickup Lists

Add any number of authorized pickups for each student.

Do you have families that carpool? Simply authorize another parent or guardian as a carpool pickup, and they can use the same pin when signing out the children.

Alerts & Notifications: We automatically send secure email and push notifications to parents on sign in-out.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks

Spend more time with the children

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