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Success Stories

Childcare and Afterschool programs love Kinderlime

Extended Care

Mayfield Junior School Uses Kinderlime

Mayfield Junior School

Mayfield is in its second month (September 2016) using Kinderlime afterschool software for its Extended Care program and it’s working so well! We’ve had a great parent response and the staff loves it.

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Preschool Software Grows Enrollments

Cross of Christ

After searching and searching, Cross of Christ finally came across Kinderlime. Finally, here was the preschool software solution they needed. They went from struggling with paperwork and limiting their total enrollment, to enrolling over 100 students and still having more time than they ever had before.

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Extended Care

YMCA finds Safety with Child Care Management Software


The Pav YMCA decided to try out Kinderlime’s Child Care Management Software, and to their surprise, it changed everything! Immediately the long lines for parent sign in disappeared. The sign in out process went from looking unorganized and hectic, to easy and enjoyable.

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Childcare Center

Going Green with Kinderlime’s Childcare Software

Neighborhood Christian Center

It’s been over 4 years now since Neighborhood Christian Center started using Kinderlime. From sign in-out to billing, the preschool has been able to use Kinderlime in many different facets of their operations. With Kinderlime tuition collection has become streamlined.

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