Anima Bella Academy | Kinderlime
  • School NameAnima Bella Academy
  • Kinderlime UserFalisa D. Smullen
  • Students5
  • School TypeAfter School & Summer Care
  • LocationSavannah, GA

Anima Bella Academy

Anima Bella Academy is a small in-home privately owned & operated sitter service. We are conveniently located on the South-Side of Savannah, GA. Falisa D. Smullen is the owner and operator of Anima Bella, she is a mother of 5 and Grandmother of 4 beautiful Grandchildren so she is no stranger when it comes to caring for little ones. Falisa enjoys taking the kids all around Savannah and doing fun things with them it would be her pleasure to care for your little ones too.

Life before Kinderlime

I love the organization of Kinderlime. I started out with Kindercare. I didn’t like how they were set up, they work with the state, it was so confusing and complicated doing the meals and reports. I found out about Kinderlime through some clubs for childcare on facebook. People asked what would be the best way to stay organized and people said Kinderlime. I love how easy it was and how organized it was. From putting students in, how the invoices are set up, and how parents can set up. I also tried HiMama, but Kinderlime was set up the way I wanted it to be. The other systems didn’t give support. We have a great easy set up now.

Life after Kinderlime

“I worked with several different programs. This is set up so EASY.”

Being new to the childcare business. I came from a corporate background and was an apartment manager while working in real estate. I am used to having everything organized and having my data in place. I can easily pull up a report to show the parents when they’re over time and they can be billed for late pickups. Kinderlime might cost a little more than others, but the pricing is fair for all the features they offer. My parents love it and it’s one of the main features they love with her center. No one else is offering some of these things. Surprised when I come in in the morning and we have new features like newsletters and enrollments. Kinderlime is adding things as they go and they do a wonderful job. For a starting owner who doesn’t need to waste time sending out emails and invoices, and keep up with everything, Kinderlime helps her run things smoothly. I get to clock in and see my own hours. The reports are great as well for tax purposes, parents can pull the statements themselves if needed. I love how you can filter the students into different rooms, it can separate the children into different rooms. If someone forgets to clock out, we don’t have to spend time sending us a bunch of emails or calling our support to make things work; it’s simple.

I have worked with several different programs. Not many people are offering apps where we can actually do billing. I had a parent that met me offsite at the park and I was able to take the payment right there with her phone on our billing feature on the app. I am currently trying to alleviate things from Square into Kinderlime. For now, I am satisfied with everything Kinderlime has.

My favorite feature is the daily activity. I love being able to interact with parents through daily activities. When kids have breakfast, I love being able to take a picture of them sitting down. Also, the menu changes every time, I don’t want to be stuck with one-dimensional things. Everything is editable the way I want. I have it on every cell phone and tablet. It is so much easier for me to be on the go. I can take 15 photos and send them out to 5-6 different parents at once.

I have gotten a lot of compliments — people have come in to view my facility and I am able to show them what we use and how it would interact with the kids. It’s very professional, it’s a win-win. The design and interface are so nice the parents and I all love it.