Brainerd Baptist School | Kinderlime
  • School NameBrainerd Baptist School
  • Kinderlime UserBradley Chambers
  • Students300
  • School TypeAfterSchool
  • Location300 Brookfield Ave Chattanooga, TN 37411

About school

Brainerd Baptist School desires to partner with parents to create a foundation upon which students expand their minds through creative and intellectual development and prepare their hearts for social and spiritual growth. Brainerd Baptist believes that the childhood and preteen years are critical to a child’s academic, emotional and social development. The school allows students to become leaders at a time when they need to learn those skills the most.


Life before Kinderlime

We spoke with Bradley Chambers, the school’s Director of Information Technology, about what Brainerd Baptist School used prior to Kinderlime. “We actually didn’t have a solution other than paper and pencil with manual billing,” he said.

Seeing Kinderlime for the first time opened our eyes to what a digital solution could do for our school.

Life after Kinderlime

Bradley went on to talk about how Kinderlime fits in with Brainerd Baptist’s mission. Where Kinderlime shines for Brainerd Baptist School is in their aftercare program, he said. Aftercare is a significant part of the school’s program and community, as 75% of the school attends aftercare. Kinderlime’s Sign In-Out system helps track where the children are with immediate updates, which is important for a lot of parents.

Kinderlime’s Sign In-Out system helps track where the children are with immediate updates.

Through its ease of use and quick communication, Kinderlime helps build a sense of community for the school. Bradley also pointed out how the aftercare staff enjoy the look and feel of the Kinderlime app on their Ipads. With a few taps, they’re able to see who they’re supposed to have in every room and they can easily find out where the students are. The app just “does what it needs to do.”