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  • School NameCenter for Academic Enrichment
  • Kinderlime UserAshley Ledesma
  • Students48
  • School TypeCommunity Center
  • Location 78 North Broadway White Plains, NY 10603

Center for Academic Enrichment

The key objective at Pace School of Education Center for Academic Enrichment is dedicated to serving the individual student to reach their highest potential. We aim to offer students in grades Pre – K through 12th a varied and interesting program, to foster a love for learning and prepare for their future. PSOE Center for Academic Enrichment views students as individuals with respect to their academic needs, and tailor their instruction accordingly.  Their highly qualified staff members remain current on the most recent methods and research. They envision becoming the preferred provider of educational services in Westchester County, and seek to set a high standard of academic excellence by administering quality instruction to each student.

Life before Kinderlime

Prior to Kinderlime, the Center for Academic Enrichment did not use any other programs. Everything was done through word of mouth, writing on paper, developing their own templates and using excel spreadsheets. When Ashley was hired, she saw that they didn’t have any type of management system on the computer. She took a look at the different childcare management systems in the market and even trialed a few of them. At the end of her trials, she liked Kinderlime the best because of the mobile features it offered. She also really liked that she could walk around the center and still manage things on her phone if she needed to answer questions while she would walk around.

Life after Kinderlime

The Center for Academic Enrichment currently uses billing, signing in and out for students and clock in for staff, managing enrollments, as well as the messaging feature. Their staff feels like it’s very mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to learn how to use. It’s nice to see everything in one place. Most importantly, parents love that they get notifications directly on their phone when children are checked in or out. They also get text notifications and enjoy having the ability to message teachers directly.

It’s definitely increased parent engagement. They get everything via text and it’s right there, also through email. I get a lot of feedback from the parents regarding that.

Ashley’s favorite feature is that she can see the billing stats for her center on the dashboard which gives her full visibility into her program.