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  • School NameCranbrook Schools
  • Kinderlime UserWeston Outlaw
  • Students1670
  • School TypeAfterschool
  • Location39221 Woodward Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

About school

Cranbrook Schools are nationally-renowned independent day and boarding schools that provide students with a challenging and comprehensive college preparatory education. Students are motivated from diverse backgrounds to strive for intellectual, creative, and physical excellence, to develop a deep appreciation for the arts and different cultures, and to employ the technological tools of our modern age. 

Life before Kinderlime

Weston Outlaw, Director of Special and Summer Programs, spoke with us about how Cranbrook’s afterschool program worked prior to Kinderlime. We used paper rosters to account for students and sign out with parents,” he said.

This was cumbersome as the school had to print rosters each day, only had one roster to use, and had to have it transported to the main office to hand-calculate hours used.

Life after Kinderlime

Kinderlime has helped Cranbrook Schools meet parents’ high expectations through the use of its cloud-based technology. Through the app’s live updates and sign in-out feature, parents know at all times where their children are. Kinderlime’s multi-site option also saves time and makes it easy to switch between the four sites of Cranbrook’s Afterschool program.

Kinderlime has made Cranbrook modern, safer, and efficient! 

Students attend one of four aftercare sites depending on their age: an early childhood center, a location for senior kindergarden through 5th grade, and two middle school sites that are separated by sex.  As they record attendance in the Kinderlime app using their tablets and phones, Weston is able to easily toggle between the four sites to stay up to date on how many students are in attendance, what they are up to, and which staff are with them. Billing is retrieved online by the main office and hours are calculated automatically.