CrossRoads Children’s Center | Kinderlime
  • School NameCrossRoads Children’s Center
  • Kinderlime UserMichelle Gordon
  • Students120
  • School TypeChildcare Center
  • Location2394 Erringer Rd, Simi Valley, California 93065

About school

CrossRoads Children’s Center provides a safe place for children to learn, play and develop at their own pace. It was established in 1992 as an educational ministry of Simi Valley United Methodist Church, to serve families in the community. The center has many hands on activities available for children ages two through five. Staff provide a loving Christian atmosphere of respect and kindness. 

Life before Kinderlime

We spoke with Michelle Gordon, director of CrossRoads Children’s Center, about what life was like prior to Kinderlime. “It was a lot of paper” she said with a laugh. Sign in sheets were all on paper. The staff would need to print newsletters and menus, and all documentation had to be put into the children’s physical files.


For billing, the center had utilized Childcare Manager (CCM), a system that has now been bought out and discontinued. It used to take hours to charge the families. Mrs. Gordon said, “It would take about two hours just checking between schedules and making sure the charges were being added correctly.” Once she found out that Childcare Manager was no longer in service, she and her assistant director Ms. Sara did their research. After reading through many bad reviews about SmartCare, she knew they needed a better solution.

Life after Kinderlime

Upon switching to Kinderlime, Mrs. Gordon and her staff found that they loved being able to check on students with their cell phones. They could keep track of the total numbers and how many kids were signed into each class, not just at the desktop but while walking among the rooms.

Mrs. Gordon also loves sharing pictures, videos, and messages with families. Communication is very important to the staff at CrossRoads, so the app’s ability to send a message to parents quickly has been essential. During the California fires, Mrs. Gordon found that it was 11pm at night and the school district had announced that it was closing the schools. She said 

I was at home with my family, so I needed a way to communicate with the families about our closure. The co-directors were able to communicate with each other and send the message to all of the parents through Kinderlime

As far as billing goes, “now parents can look at their billing online, view their balance and pay through the app as well.” Kinderlime’s automated attendance billing generates the invoice on its own. If there are any changes to be made, the staff only need to update a student’s schedule. And when it came to implementing Kinderlime with the staff, Mrs. Gordon said, “The tech-savvy staff were really on top of things. They didn’t need any instructions at all. The ones who weren’t as tech-savvy needed a little instruction, but overall it was very easy.”

If you’re looking for a childcare management system, look no further than Kinderlime. Make sure you have the tech support that you need. Anytime we email or call, Kinderlime is there, which is amazing