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  • School NameElizabethton City Schools
  • Kinderlime UserCarrie Taylor
  • Students275
  • School TypeAfterschool
  • Location804 South Watauga Ave, Elizabethton, TN 37643

About school

Elizabethon City School’s mission is to provide all students equal and appropriate educational opportunities so they will be productive citizens, good decision makers, and be prepared to attain their goals in life. ECS includes 2,551 students, 183 educators, and 14 administrators working together daily to achieve academic excellence and growth. 

Life before Kinderlime

We spoke with Carrie Taylor, Director of the Extended School Program, to learn about how Kinderlime has ameliorated their extended day experience. “Life was definitely chaotic before Kinderlime,” says Carrie. Their school had been using ProCare for tracking attendance, billing, and communicating with parents.


Billing required going in each month and processing the invoices manually. Carrie joked, “If someone forgot, that wouldn’t be a good thing.” Parent communication was either face to face or via phone call. “It can be hard to schedule a face to face meeting or find time to do a phone call,” said Carrie. She realized that the program needed an app to make life easier for their staff and their parents. Carrie also wanted a way to track enrollment, so she started looking for a better solution. After comparing Kinderlime with ProCare, Carrie determined that Kinderlime was a lot less expensive while providing all of the features she was looking for.

Life after Kinderlime

With the app and the new newsletter feature, Kinderlime makes it so much easier to keep in touch with parents. “I can message a parent anytime. It can be 10:00 at night and I can send a message.” Carrie also liked how parents can control their authorized pickup list and make changes whenever they need to.

When asked about how staff adjusted to switching from ProCare to Kinderlime, Carrie said:

The change for our staff was seamless. We were able to quickly figure out how to track attendance and set up the Sign In-Out screen for parents

We learnt to use the app easily with no one telling us. One thing Kinderlime offers that ProCare does not is the Sign In-Out pin code and electronic signature feature, which Carrie says is awesome for their licensing.