Faith Learning Center | Kinderlime
  • School NameThe Faith Learning Center
  • Kinderlime UserTrevor North
  • Students75
  • School TypeChildcare Center
  • Location215 W. Bow Street Tyler, TX 75702

About school

The Faith Learning Center takes education seriously and has created a fun learning environment for children all the way up to Pre-K. The staff are highly qualified, experienced and attend continued education courses and programs to ensure they are current with Texas Ready Schools Program requirements. The Faith Learning Center takes pride in its facilities and maintains a clean and healthy environment for everyone. 

Life before Kinderlime

We spoke with Trevor North about what The Faith Learning Center did prior to Kinderlime. He said, “Our attendance, billing, and meal tracking were tracked using handwritten methods. We faced information either being inaccurate or not logged in at all. We were facing loss of money and enrollment was down. When I took over the office and realized what previous staff had done and how much things were out of order, I knew we had to search for a better solution.” After looking at two companies, The Faith Learning Center decided to go with Kinderlime because of the variety of features and ease of use. The fact that it was cloud-based was also a deal maker.

Life after Kinderlime

When asked about how Kinderlime helped organize the situation, Trevor said, “The ease of use and the organization of this software has totally changed our business practices and model. We are running a more efficient daycare, focusing more on the kids and not the business side of things…Our local CCS and CPS offices are amazed at what this program has done for us and are now directing parents in need of childcare services to our facility. We’ve seen our business increase each month since we’ve implemented this software.”

Our enrollment has increased 25% and counting within less than 6 months of signing up. Parents are just amazed at what the software can do and are now telling their friends about our center. 

The invoicing feature eliminated hours of work with the click of a button. Staff timecards are already calculated and ready for payroll. Child enrollment is a breeze for those parents who are on the go and are dropping in their children for the first time, and the newsletter feature is just fantastic for sending out quick notices or monthly notices about what’s happening at the daycare. Parents who were less involved in activities have now shown a great interest in participation. 

Our administration can easily manage client and employee information which allows more focus on the kids and less time running the business. This software has definitely been a game changer for our facility.