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  • School NameFoundations 4 adVANCEment
  • Kinderlime UserWanikka Vance
  • Students60
  • School TypePreschool
  • LocationSteger, Illinois

Foundations 4 adVANCEment

Our mission is to be a DYNASTY of EXEMPLARY learning, in which we prepare students to excel as high- achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college, and beyond. By providing each SCHOLAR with a strong educational foundation for Lifelong Learning, Superior Academics, and Elite Character in order to ensure that all scholars demonstrate educational EXCELLENCE daily.

Life before Kinderlime

With our previous software, it was okay, but we couldn’t do attendance. The parents weren’t able to sign in and have their own portal. I really like how Kinderlime allows the parents to sign in and it’s more user-friendly. I used it for payments as well as grades and enrollment — parents were able to do their enrollment through that as well. For attendance, teachers had to do it themselves and parents weren’t able to put in their signatures.

I wanted something that was more user-friendly and really wanted the parents to be able to sign their own children in. I had used Kinderlime over the summer and used it for the summer camp. It worked out really well, so I said might as well use it for the school year as well.

Life after Kinderlime

I have enjoyed the system thus far and it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s easily laid out and easy to navigate.

When switching, the staff had no problem converting to Kinderlime, because they used it over the summer. They enjoyed using the system. Parents were very open to the change and had no resistance. It was very easy for them to catch on to it and they had no problems whatsoever. The only issue has been the pins for the attendance.

I have been using the attendance for sign in-out and doing the invoices. I just went in with the enrollment and did their application for online and some parents pay their fees online. There aren’t many but there are some that do.

For billing, it was a little more complicated with our previous software. I would have to put in items and custom create the items. It wasn’t as easy as typing in the invoice and sending it to the parents like it is for Kinderlime. The only different thing is not being able to tell them what amount is due immediately — that’s the only difference.

My favorite feature is the sign in-out for the parents. It makes it so much easier. I don’t have to use that time to take attendance. It puts more of the power back into the parent’s hands where they have to be more responsible.