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  • School NameLittle Blessings Family Daycare
  • Kinderlime UserAmy Woods
  • Students6
  • School TypeFamily Daycare
  • LocationBozeman, Montana

Little Blessings Family Daycare

The main mission of Little Blessings Family Daycare is to provide quality childcare which is the foundation for a healthy community and society. Our history and experience in the therapeutic field have ignited a passion to care for children at a young age. We love to enhance the emotional well-being as well as the social and academic side of our children. We want to nurture children to make friends, be inspired, and grow.

Life before Kinderlime

We used to create most of our own forms and document charts to track daily activities and attendance. There are so many different resources that have forms available and documents/charts. Sometimes it was difficult to find these documents or what they were supposed to be used for. A lot of documents had to be self-created for use at the daycare level. We just had paper receipts before and were handwriting the totals. Figuring out the totals were just atrocious. We had to figure out all of the receipts for a single-family and add it all together each time — a tedious process. Sign in-out was done on paper, in which we had to copy the sheet every day.

Life after Kinderlime

We can’t imagine running our daycare without Kinderlime. One of our favorite features is communicating with the parents and sharing pictures with them in real time.

The parents really enjoy the application as well. Many parents have brought up the application and said it really made the daycare stand out against all of the other daycares in the area. We use incident reports, messages, and pictures. Parents have all of the updates right away without needing to explain things when the kids are being picked up.

Moreover, Kinderlime’s billing feature has saved the center so much time. It’s great being able to click a button and send out annual tax statements for parents. It’s easy to set up and has allowed the center to be more organized than before.


The billing is awesome. I had paper receipts before and was handwriting the totals. It is really nice to have it all in one place.

When Little Blessings Family Daycare was first oped, we weren’t sure how far we would go with it. But we’ve been successful enough that we are happy raising our family and running the daycare at the same time. Kinderlime is a huge part of keeping everything running. We truly can’t imagine doing all of the things Kinderlime has to offer separately.