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  • School NameLittle Pharoahs
  • Kinderlime UserRasha Mekky
  • Students15
  • School TypeFamily Childcare
  • LocationSan Francisco, CA 94112
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About school

Little Pharoahs provides a play-based program with goal to provide guidance and developmentally appropriate activities that set foundational skills for the healthy growth and development of the children. (inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy as well as RIE – Resources for Infant Educarers)


Life before Kinderlime

Rasha has been a childcare provider for 26 years. Before deciding to download Kinderlime, she would take pictures and send them as group text messages to the parents. She used to provide verbal feedback to the parents at the end of each day. 


For Sign In-Out, she had one sheet for parents and one for staff to record time each day. Rasha would need to change the sheet every week. If she ever forgot on Sunday night to print the sheets, she was in trouble come Monday morning.  At end of each week, she would manually tally the staff clock in-out times for their payroll purposes. 

Life after Kinderlime

“When something works, you have to recognize it,” Rasha said. She had done some research and picked Kinderlime for its ease of use. Once she learned that we integrate with Gusto for payroll and HR services, she signed up right away. Rasha had just started doing Gusto for her employees, so it worked out perfectly for payroll , and the price was fair for the product.


With Kinderlime and Gusto’s integration, Rasha is saving so much time! She doesn’t have to sit for hours every two weeks adding up her employee’s total hours worked. Sometimes she would be so tired, she might make a mistake. With Gusto integration, everything is automated and it goes so well.

It’s wonderful that Kinderlime calculates my employee hours, and they automatically go to Gusto for payroll processing.

Her parents are also super happy with the updates they get from Kinderlime. Staff send out pictures and all of the activities they do with the children, and the parents say “keep it going!” . Whenever she has a question, she’s amazed by Kinderlime’s support team. “You guys are so on top of it,” she said. “Usually when I’m working, I don’t always expect a response but you’re usually there giving me an answer. Great customer service!”